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Cannot Properly Edit Base with Default Monitor Resolution

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I found out last week I cannot edit my bases anymore in my monitors default resolution. When trying to move objects in the base, I am unable to cross the "X" axis of my character. I can move anything left of the character any way i see fit, the moment I try to cross the Camera/character pointed Axis. the object stops. The mouse keeps moving, but the object does not. 


  • I can rotate my character then move the object so long as it remains to the left of the character model
  • This happens on different accounts.
  • This happens on any base I edit


When working with Dacy today trying to troubleshoot it, I realized one thing I hadn't adjusted: My screen resolution:


My monitor default resolution is 3840x2160.


in performing my RCA I tried adjusting the actual resolution within COH:

  • 1920x1080 no issue.
  • 2560x1440, no issue.  
  • 2560x16500 - no issue
  • the next option my current resolution: 3840x2160
    • Occurs in WIndowed, Borderless, etc..


Right now to edit I have pretty much two options:

  • Change my monitor resolution down (not ideal)
  • Change COH Resolution (have monitor yelling at me for coh not being in the same resolution as the monitor)


Is there another option? help? please.

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CoH does not fully support 4K resolution.  It’s a resolution that just didn’t exist on consumer PCs when the game shuttered eleven years ago.  The highest resolution it fully supports is 1440p.

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The only other choice: Run COH Windowed in 4K and drag the window size down to <1440 vertical resolution.  Not great, but you keep your high resolution and have COH base editing still be usable.  Resolution Scaling in game doesn't do anything to solve the issue in resolutions above 1440p.


(Just tested this on my 4K screen, it's not just you for sure.)  For my system, I run 2560x1440 on my 4K monitor and turn the UI up above 100% scaling in Windows 11.  It's a happy medium, and High DPI display means the 'fuzzy' non-native resolution isn't as noticeable as it was with past displays. (2K on DVI, not running native resolution in the past was turning your graphics into an 8-bit looking nightmare with zero anti-aliasing.)  I wanted a 1440p display to start with, but past $500+ gaming models with high refresh rates, 4K was cheaper for my needs.  If I need the vertical real-estate and I'm not gaming, it's easy enough to switch it up.


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