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Storm/Storm Blast

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I have a Lvl 50 Storm/Storm Defender and I'm trying to figure out the best powers to use and how to slot him.  I'm using the Mad King's build for the storm powers but so far Storm Blast seems a bit lackluster.  Since its not in mids yet, The powers I took are:


Storm Cell


Direct Strike


Category Five

Chain Lightning


Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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First off, thanks to the devs for adding new powers.  Secondly, my Storm/Storm defender is one level away from 50.  I find i use Freezing Rain, and Storm Cell alot, especially while teaming.  I haven't tried soloing yet.  My big problem with Storm Blast, is that i can't tell what i'm doing, especially since i lay down Freezing Rain first.  I decided to try soloing a Storm Blast Blaster.  I was than able to see Storm Cell's graphics, and they are way cool.  My favourite power for Storm Blast is the Snipe 🙂

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