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Black Friday Services & Date Auction - Thursday, May 18 - RAFFLE & BASE AUCTION - UPDATED BASE CODES


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((OOC: This is an advert for a base to be sold at Black Friday's Services and Date auction held on Thursday, May 18.  This event is an AUCTION. If you place a bid ICly at the auction, your offer is binding and you will purchase the base if your offer is accepted. Please read the details carefully.

Information on the bases included in the raffle are down below.))

Welcome to 68 Decker Street!

Reminiscent of 70s Asian inspired art deco home, this detached 2 bedroom, 1 bath home features modern and efficient use of space. Hardwood floor, oak wall and marble surfaces compliment the furnishings and encourage the home to provide happy memories for the new owner! The back deck opens to a large outer area with a natural privacy hedge, luscious gardens, a fountain and a soaker pool, perfect for watching the sunset with a loved one. The garden expands around the home creating a serene and peaceful environment for reflection and solitude.



Property Type: Single family

Building Type:  Detached

Parking: Attached

Annual Property Taxes: $98.547


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1


Fire protection: Integrated system with tablet application. Can be integrated to personal devices.

House alarm: Integrated system with tablet application. Can be integrated to personal devices.

Heating: Electric

Cooling: Central air conditioning


Variety of cement, wood, and glass.


Main floor: entry, coat closet, living room, dining area, kitchen with pantry, laundry facilities 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath.

Outer environment: deck with eating area and pool, spacious grassy areas, planter beds with colourful, mature vegetation, 6 foot hedge surrounding the property, gated entry, front deck


Sidney-Lynne Faverty

Faverty Industries & Development

Faverty Events: Discord: https://discord.gg/Wq4P7WNjm2



Thursday, May 18 at Vault Luxe (vaultluxe-17647) from 8-12am ET. Auction starts at 9pm.

For more information on the auction, what will be offered or to sign up to provide a service or date, see: https://tinyurl.com/356zsvbv

All participants will receive 1/2 of their winning bid.

Contact: In-game e-mail @Faverty Industries or discord: Faverty Industries - Domi/Sidney#0949

Private tours not available. Base code provided for self-guided tours and will be active until Wednesday, May 17.

((Base code is: DECKER-27868))



We will be hosting a raffle with TWO bases up for grabs.


JUNCTION-27754 - 1 bedroom, 1 bath renovated loft style apartment with plenty of old world charm intermingled with modern décor (image 2)

DANBURY-28145 - 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom is a renovated garment factory featuring original brick walls, parquet flooring and wood columns and beams (image 3)


Email in game: @faverty industries:

-the number of tickets requested

-the payment (100mil/ticket - 5 tickets max per person)

-the name of the character that will be attending the auction (be sure your character is sg-less for easy transfer)


Upon the receipt of your email and payment, I will send back you raffle numbers.


If you purchase 5 raffle tickets before Wednesday, May 17, you will receive a bonus ticket at no charge!


  • Everyone is welcome to view the house, whether your character is interested in purchasing or not.

  • ALL BASES are considered an in-character roleplay space. Please ‘walk’ and refrain from zipping or flying in the home, using aoe powers or otherwise (unless they are specific to your character physiology).

  • No god-modding, robberies, sexual content or otherwise.
  • Roleplay is intended to mimic ‘real-life’ as much as possible. However, I am not a realtor and do not know the exact ins and outs of the real estate market.
  • Bids: Bids are limited to in-game influence only. The auctioneer will begin with an opening bid. Players may bid in increments of whole millions. Player must have funds ready to be transferred at the time of the auction and have a character without an attached super group.
    • NOTE: For the auction, no private offers will be taken via private tells or in-game e-mail.
    • Please read the details of the Auction very carefully at https://tinyurl.com/356zsvbv
  • Once your bid has won and you have been announced at the winner, you will be invited to the super group to which the base is attached. You must have the funds available to transfer at the time of purchase to the "Domi-VL" character who will be onsite.  Once the transfer has been received, all characters from the base will be removed (except yours) and you will be provided instructions to change the base code.
  • Join the Faverty Events discord for more information on open house guidelines, view extra pictures or to read about future developments : https://discord.gg/Wq4P7WNjm2







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