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Introducing the new Meta-Barb Collection!


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Woe is the parent that doesn't stop everything and find the fastest way to obtain this entire new collection for their child - the Meta-Barb Collection, by Barb! The results of not doing this act, as quickly as possible, can lead to things we would rather not share publicly. However, we can say that there will be crying, bouts of pouting, and negotiating. Because any child, in their right mind, will stop at nothing to get Barb. We've tried! They just won't stop! So that's a plus! Because when you make the good choice - to buy the entirety of BarbCo's wonderful line of products - you will get that deep peace of mind knowing that your child, and maybe even you someday, are now deep in Barb's loving arms.


Our Meta-Barb line has been scientifically proven to simply delight, to no end, all children. It's true! Our proprietary Glittershroom based mycelium-polymer formula has been shown to increase the happiness of any person within a 10ft radius of the doll - especially children. Neat! And who doesn't want to be happy? That's why, after many years and much litigation, we are now proud to bring this new line of dolls to the grubby little fingers of the larval versions of yourself. These dolls are guarantied to take your child to their happy place. To our happy place. The Pink Place! A place that glows and all cares wash away down the drain. To the Pink Place. It glows with fun!!


Be sure to buy the complete set (referring to packing for proper configurations) and watch the joy fill their eyes! Tell your friends, your neighbors - heck, even the mail person! Tell them to run out do the same! Tell them that Barb is coming. Barb is here!! And for a limited time receive 10% off of all online orders if you order more than 5 complete Meta-Barb sets - once a week - for a year. They are made for sharing after all. And, besides, you'll want to.


Keep an eye out for our next exciting Meta-Barb toy set, The Perfectly Pink Place Playset (all ages). All are welcome.


Any complaints will be summarily destroyed, via ritual, and, as a thank you for your feedback, we will send you, free of charge, more Barb dolls - from Barb! She just wants you happy - forever.


BarbCo. We are Dreams!


(random static via found footage)


(RL side)

Not sure what is up with that thing I just composed above, buuuuuut ... I have a running buddy who loves to throw out various, and often silly, costume themes and then run duo's. One day they suggested doing a Barbie theme. What started with Flamin' Barb Q (Blaster Fire/Fire), quickly became, well ... something else.


Life tossed a medical scare my way (like life does) and things for me have changed quickly. I am fine, cozy and at home being well cared for (thanks for asking :P). I also suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands. This project wound up being rather therapeutic for me, as I do enjoy a bit of the silly. 





Barbed B. (Brute Spines/Fire)




Bubble Magic Barb (Controller Mag. Grav/Field)




Flamin' Barb Q. (Scrapper Fire/Fire)





Carry on...



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