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Placing very large items (Bio-Organic)

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I'm sorry if this has been addressed and I missed it, but when trying to place UG Growth 1 to 5 and UG Growth Mass 1, I get an error: "Could not find a reasonable location to place item."


The hit box for these items seems to be too tall for the base, even though I have the ceiling raised, the floors lowered, and the high ceilings set to Open Sky (Passthrough).


Is this a known bug? What am I missing?

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Did you hit F3 to enable clipping? It allows you to build outside of the base.


ALT - Rotates items

Shift - Will raise items

Alt+Shift/CRTL will change items on their axis.


F1 - Will change your Grid size from 0, 1/4,1/2,1,2, and 4 inches.

F2 - Is your Angle Snap which will change the degrees you can rotate an item.

F3 - Enables Room Clipping

F5 - Changes the attachment of an item. Wall, Ceiling, Floor, and Surface


Those are the basic Key Controls that allow you to work within the base.


Hope that helps.



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