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Fire Farming Efficiency Guide! (WIP)

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TGV = Total Group Value

DVS = Difference Value from Standard *Difference between Team Size 1 to the current Team size its not how much more you get just % difference*

IVP = Increase Value from Previous *Increase amount from previous Team Size*


Group Minion Value =

        Minion Value =    1,869

        LT Value          =   6,408

        Boss Value      = 20,026

        EB Value         = 35,655




Team Size 1

       Minion      (2)    3,738

       EB              (1)  35,655

       TGV                 37,524

DVS: null

IVP: null 


Team Size 2 

      Minion     (2)   3,738

      LT             (2)  12,816

      EB             (1)  35,655

      TGV                 52,209

DVS: 32.7304%

IVP: 32.7304% 


Team Size 3

      Minion      (2)    3,738

      LT              (3)  19,224

      EB             (1)   35,655

      TGV                  58,617

DVS: 43.8793% difference

IVP: 11.5641% difference 


Team Size 4

      Minion    (5)    9,345

      LT            (2)  12,816

      Boss        (1)  20,026

      EB            (1)  35,655

      TGV                77,842

DVS: 69.8958% difference

IVP: 28.177% difference 


Team Size 5

      Minion      (5)    9,345

      LT              (2)  12,816

      Boss          (2)  40,052

      EB              (1)  35,655

      TGV                  97,868

DVS: 89.1397% difference

IVP: 22.7944% difference 


Team Size 6

      Minion      (5)  9,345

      LT              (4)  25,632

      Boss          (2)  40,052

      EB              (1)  35,655

      TGV                110,684

DVS: 98.7261% difference

IVP: 12.2905% difference 


Team Size 7 

      Minion      (8)  14,952

      LT              (3)  19,224

      Boss          (3)  60,078

      EB              (1)  35,655

      TGV                 129,909

DVS: 110.355% difference

IVP: 15.9813% difference 


Team Size 8

     Minion      (13)   24,297

      LT               (3)  19,224

      Boss          (3)   60,078

      EB              (1)  35,655

      TGV                139,254

DVS: 115.094% difference

IVP: 6.94375% difference 


Also I noticed after I was done team size one was miscalculated by 1 minion so the DVS is going to be a little different by a minor amount.

Otherwise its a very good idea to see what's worth it. In my personal preference I think team size 7 is ideal but 6 or 5 can be okay. 8 size team is a complete waste because they take up aggro cap at for a 10k difference to deal with just minion IMO is not worth it considering aggro cap is limited so rather group a LT/BOSS/EB instead. I mean minions die instantly when I farm but I just really really hate dealing with the drops they give if I'm being honest.  So take the guide with a grain of salt each farmer has a different way of farming but after 330 VET levels just from farming I can say I think team size 8 is not worth it.

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Will also be adding on to this post next post will be regarding what I use as a fire farmer to take on Xtomic Carnival farms. 

I will do each ability and its slots. Will get name of each enhancement and which ability its under. Super effective guide. I will also be adding the best route to farm carnival after I take advantage of it for awhile lol. But it cuts carnival from 30 to 12 - 15 minutes seriously massive saver if a team size 8. thanks for reading. Dont forget to keep track of page and its updates so you can read comments and get the latest updates. This post will also be updated weekly (if anything changes) so this will always have your up to date information on it.

So many more things I will add to this guide just dont want to overwhelm readers by posting it all at once!

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