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Symphony/Sonic Controller Build Advice.


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I'm finding Sonic Resonance to be an odd power set to build out. Working with heavy resist sets on a Controller/Def/Cor vs melee AT can be a bit challenging. Heavily slotting the 2 team buffs while great for the team, gives you no benefits outside of set bonuses. It ends up being bad for slot economy. You may have to compromise on some build aspects to achieve others.


A good ballpark (for me) with end is to get around 1.9 net gain before Incarnates (and outside of using Disruption Field since you can toggle on and off). This changes based on how much recharge and Hasten you have and how procced powers are, or if powers have end red in them. To hit build goals here you'll have to mostly go full set bonuses though anyway, for Controller's that means you'll have to give up dmg in the form of procs.


Unfortunately the best way to help your recharge would be to pick up Hasten. To do that I see dropping Sorcery as one of the better options, because the def toggles have more value. You lose out on RoP though.


Without drastically changing things in your build, here are some suggestions for optimization:

  • Get rid of Clarity for a LotG mule. The status protection is largely covered by Sonic Dispersion.
  • Take 1 slot out of the 2 team buffs. You're too far past the res cap in those powers. 
  • RoP isn't effected by recharge. Remove a slot.
  • Put the Gladiator's Armor def unique into RoP. This free's up a slot from Tough if you want.
  • Reverberant isn't amazing. Can remove slots from him if you want or 4 slot Call to Arms for the rec and recharge set bonuses.
  • Your accuracy is way overshot. Put a 50+5 endred in Tactic's instead.

You now have 3-4 free slots:

  • Put one into Stamina for endmod.
  • One into Sonic Dispersion for Unbreakable Guard endred/recharge.
  • One into Tough for Steadfast Protection res/endred and for the 2 slot rec bonus.
  • Last slot can go into Hover for a LotG mule or Maneuvers or something. Probably Maneuvers? Can place a LotG mule, Reactive Defenses unique, and 2 slot Gift of the Ancients for the rec bonus.

This should at least help endurance and recharge slightly. If you factor in Incarnates, it should work out.

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