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Arena is not working correctly.

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The Arena matches are extremely buggy. When you click on the start button, it goes back and forth between 10 and 9. Also, it is tough to select what options you want in the match, the circle wont stay highlighted. I have gotten 6 matches to work today, but that is is out of the 30 or so I have tried. Several hours later I was able to get the gladiator badge for winning 10 gladiator matches. I was trying to start gladiator matches with 2 characters on 2 different accounts and I was getting the same issues. I'd leave to do another task and come back and still have it not work. Also, when clicking the 'Start match' button, sometimes it would change a few settings I had selected like gladiator match or The Cage setting. I am a badger so diligence won out but I am hesitant to try for the arena badges on another toon and I still have some to get for my current toon. A fix for the Arena matches would save many headaches.

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