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Scrapper Regen secondary Minimal FX customization options are broken


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Reconstruction is the only one that's working for me. The rest of them display the original colors/effects. Minimal FX is one of the reasons why I love Regen... plz fix!


I haven't tested whether Regen minimal FX is having trouble on other AT's, but I would assume so. The issue exists on all body types, both in gameplay as well as in the character creator.  I'm not sure if this is a consistent or intermittent issue because it was fine, AFAIK, a few days ago. More testing is required...


EDIT: they seem to be working in-game now for me, but not in the creator.  A minute ago they weren't working in-game either. A few days ago, they were working in game, but stopped working when I entered a PVP match in my SG base. hmmmm


EDIT 2: I entered my base, and now minimal FX is broke again. very strange.  I think base raids somehow breaks minimal FX.  Is this a weird feature rather than a bug? regardless it's a bit annoying.

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