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Potential Controller Bug


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I fixed the issue myself, but I was asked to put the issue here in case it's something one needs to look into.


I was testing out controller support, for a friend of mine to be able to play due to some injuries to her wrists making it hard to use a keyboard and mouse for extended periods. When I was finished testing, I turned off my controller, and for some reason whenever I pushed my mouse forward or pulled it backward, I was moving continuously in whatever direction I moved the mouse in. No matter how many times I changed the settings (Set game controller device to none, reset the keymapping, set forward to W and backward to S, restarted the game, etc.) nothing seemed to fix it. It only stopped when I uinstalled, then reinstalled the game.

If there's an issue here it seems to be, in my opinion but keep in mind I'm old and don't understand computers very well, is something messed up happened when I removed the batteries from my controller rather than turning it off, so that my computer would stop recognizing said controller. (I don't know how to turn a wireless XBox One controller off in any other way, really.) 

The issues's gone with the game's uninstall/reinstall, but it was a good idea to document it just in case someone else finds they have the same issue.

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