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Brainstorm Server having character and map problems


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Creating a new character on Beta Test tonight at 8pm EST. Logging in took about 3 minutes. Selecting Server took almost 5 minutes. Retrieving characters took 5 minutes. After creating my new character every map change took 2 minutes at least. Picked up the arc from MJ in Peregrine Island and headed to the Portal Corp to defeat Infernal. Clicking the portal to enter the mission map caused a disconnect. I spent the next 15 minutes getting my account logged back in, server selected, character selected and another "mapserver disconnect" as soon as I click the portal to enter Infernal's lair.

Defeated mobs in the parking lot for 3 minutes just to see what would happen. They fell over.  Didn't want to spend another 15 minutes trying to log in  if I touched the portal again. Sleep Well Infernal, I can't get to you tonight. 


Just a side note: I made a new character on Monday night and ran the entire MJ arc with no problems. This is new for Tuesday.

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