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Characters stuck in "unknown" and cannot log in


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Hey everyone


On the Reunion server I have 5 characters that, according to the character selection screen, are in "unknown". Whenever I try to play one of these characters, I get the error "Cannot find map!" and I am thorwn back to the login screen. All these characters have only been inactive since 4 days or less, so I've played them quite recently. One of them I know for sure just logged out in Dark Astoria, the others were at day job locations but I cannot remember exactly on what map. I've attached some screenshots of the problem.

The characters in question are:

  • Apricity
  • Lockforce
  • Duke Artifex
  • Caesius
  • Tech-Arcanist


This means that the majority of my characters are currently unplayable, including my main 😞 I'd really appreciate any help since I can't seem to do anything myself.



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