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Ice/Rad tank build suggestions


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This build will do well in pretty much any normal content. However, if you wanted to improve your survivability and damage a bit here are some suggestions in no particular order.


  • I'd slot radiation siphon for damage. You could do some sort of damage/heal hybrid slotting but just slotting it for heals is a waste of an attack imo.
  • 6 slot devastating blow. 5 slotted as is, its not capped for acc/end/rech
  • since you are already 5 slotting fusion, try 6 slot fusion with Gaussians instead. The 6th set bonus provides a nice blanket of overall defense. 
  • since you are already 5 slotting hoarfrost, try 6 slotting it with preventative medicine instead. Preventative medicine provides better set bonuses than doctored wounds, and the 6 slot bonus is nice recharge.
  • For tough and permafrost, I'd either 4 slot these with unbreakable guard or 3 slot with aegis if you want more fire defense. Right now, they are not fully enhanced. Of course include the gladiator armor and steadfast protection uniques somewhere.
  • speaking of uniques, you are missing a few. At minimum, I'd aim to include Kismet, Shield wall, and Numinia's Convalescence somewhere. these are popular because you get a lot of value out of a single enhancement.
  • I'd drop physical perfection. you likely are not going to be having endurance issues and unenhanced its not providing much value. You could choose a utility power instead or simply take stealth to slot one more Luck of the Gambler global recharge.
  • If you do happen to have endurance issues for whatever reason, try slotting stamina with perf. shifter +end and slot radiation siphon with theft of essence + end. You could also slap the miracle unique in health.
  • To adopt the suggestions above, id recommend stripping slots from boxing first, then chilling embrace and taunt.
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