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how to slot while leveling for SS/WP


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also what pools to take when.  I remember years ago (before going rogue or AE.  In fact I asked I think almost when vilains were brand new what character would be abpe on red side to run max difficulty missions sooner.  This was before the +level +number system we have now.  I was told roll a SS/WP brute and I would be rolling down max diff paper missioons by the time I was 30.  I got that brute to 36ish and was still struggling with a small jump in mission difficulty so I assume slotting and basic IOs would have a lot to do with it.  I do plan on using basic IOs as I level but what to put, where and when.  I 3 slotted RTTC and stuck 3 lvl 20 to hit debuffs int here and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference as to no slots.  I 6-slotted my active resist with SO 3 lvl 20 resist and end reduction I 6-slotted HPT 3 resist 3 health I plan on swapping both those over to 25 IOs. am I doing it wrong?

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I have no mids installed, so cant link a build but previously have levelled many WP characters.

Lvl 1 you want Punch and HPT

Lvl 2 Haymakers

Lvl 3 1 slot in punch and haymaker, for attacks you always want a couple of acc, then a couple of end red and recharge in there once 6 slotted

Lvl 4 Fast Healing

Lvl 5 1 slot each in punch and haymaker

Lvl 6 Mind Over Body

Lvl 7 1 slot each in punch and Haymaker

Lvl 8 KO Blow

Lvl 9 2 slots in KO Blow

Lvl 10 Indomitable will

Lvl 11 2 slots in KO Blow

Lvl 12 Combat Jumping

Lvl 13 1 slot each in Punch and Haymaker

Lvl 14 Super Jump

Lvl 15 1 slot in stamina, 1 slot in Fast Healing

Lvl 16 RTTC, 1st slot is End red, as tbh is every other toggle

Lvl 17 2 slots in RTTC Healing

Lvl 18 Rage

Lvl 19 2 slots in Rage for recharge

lvl 20 Quick Recovery

Lvl 21 2 slots in Quick Recovery

Lvl 22 Boxing

Lvl 23 2 slots in Boxing

Lvl 24 Tough

Lvl 25 1 slot in Fast Healing, 1 slot in RTTC for Healing

Lvl 26 Weave

Lvl 27 2 slots where you think are appropriate at this point, same as you go from now on

Lvl 28 Hightened Senses

Lvl 29 2 slots

Lvl 30 Hasten

Lvl 31 2 slots in hasten, 1 slot wherever

Lvl 32 Foot Stomp

Lvl 32..... well you should get it from here


This is how I "would" build a SS/WP brute, using IO's as they dropped and ATO's if I could afford them etc.


Defences I generally slot with 1 end red and 3 res or def. Hope that helps a little



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Thanks m8, this is a streeam character on redside I end up soloing a lot because redside is empty most of the time.  I was running +0/2 and +0/3 missions with the build before.  Will it be about the same or would I likely be able to go higher.  I am 21 at the moment


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