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HELP I AM STUCK!!!/Repeatedly Exiting A Building


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I was on a team of 8 in Talos on a level 20 tank (No Holds Barred).

We finished a radio mission and I clicked the blue EXIT button.

Now, my tank is stuck repeatedly exiting the doorway.

I've logged off and back in on alts on same server (no probs) and

then back on with my the tank and he is still "looping" the exit doorway.

Server: Excelsior


(EDIT) Oh, thank-you powers that be!!! So far seems all has been resolved!!!

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Good question. I remember the old ways.

It was stuck on a loop.

Chat box was never loading on screen I did type it anyway.

It would reset about as fast as I could type one letter.

Just my big form flashing in a doorway.

Loaded this morning (my tank - not myself) so mine seems

to have been fixed or worked itself out.

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