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Bile Hunters


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“recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something”


This is the definition of appreciation.



I can feel people nipping at the devs skin. Taking a piece of flesh with each of their increasing demands on the Homecoming team. Bad mouthing and filth conjuring rumour mongers grafting a slice of tissue from them like a fixated Vahzilok.


This surely isn't our community. Our City of Heroes community that we so eagerly brandish against the toxicity of modern and vile gaming communities abound with unreserved testosterone and lamentable hate. Our returning community recently adrift around a planet for more than half a decade who have been carrying the numbing angst that we would never get our game back. A place where our cavorting capers would remain a distant and very fond memory that we can merely aspire to going forward. Has it all been too much? Have we busted at the seams and our uncontrollable bile is spewing out all over the place? Is our Id making the sustaining demands of an infant for our selfish ill will?


For the majority of our community this is not the case. The effect of these, lets call them 'Bile Hunters' herein, the effect of these Bile Hunters unfurls on the tactful, resulting in reams of 'good advice' regarding patience and politeness occupying our multiple discords. The proprietors of which who are on the edge of a colossal voluntary movement which is trying to please the many with their blood, sweat, tears, time and money. Along with the sacrifices they have already made in their own lives so that we can play a game. It is frustrating that we cannot support their efforts more to ease some of the burden they have imposed upon themselves to cater for our gratification but they are a competent and well managed conclave.


Most commenters just want to be amongst the chats, talking CoH, imagining builds, discussing pro's and cons, fantasizing about a moon base, sharing memories and sharing fun. Just as it should be.


The way of the Bile Hunter is that of a petulant child and is best dealt with by ignoring their irascibility thereby gaining no validation, promotion and concretion of it.  Instead, appreciation for their affableness is alone reward enough to promote and endear our community toward them; which would be an ideal outcome. Those who will not abide by this simple humanistic capacity will naturally drift off to other ports which are more receptive to their acrimony and hopefully keep them there. In each Bile Hunter though is a little bit of pleasantness. We can only show them the door, they have to open it.


As popularity of the rebellious commandeering of our game and shenanigans thins out and settles down, drifting slowly back into obscurity, we will come to have the community once more that we desire. The one that has been there from the start, sure with all of its warts too but none of the Bile Hunters, or at least some of the converted Bile Hunters to boot. We are going in that direction even though we are now split among 3 separate discords and this recognised and authoritative 'Homecoming' forum. We have started in a great place with a positive stance in most of our player base who appreciate all the efforts contributed by the various parties involved. If you are reading this by the way, WE LOVE YOU.


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