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The name says it all.  Calling all clowns!


Where: Echo Plaza

When: April Fool's Day (of course) at 8PM EST


Roll a new clown or come in a clown costume.  Depending on how many show up, we will figure out something to do.  Possible choices:


All clown DFB

All clown WST

Clowns causing mayhem at one of the local banks (Punchy has access to them all)

Clowns taking over TPN (if we get at least 8 level 50s)


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We had a nice turnout.  We did try for Tommy Guns, but broke the Oobatz event in St Martial.  We then moved to help with the mapserver events taking place.  Finally, we ended with causing mayhem on Peregrine and robbing the bank for good measure.


Beating on Punchy with the April Fool's bats.




Group shots






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