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Lethal Lottery 2v2 PvP event Saturday 30/3 3EST 19:00 UK time


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There will be a 2v2 Tourney on Excelsior Server on Saturday.
We will gather in Pocket D at the monkey fight club and arena terminals.
Anyone is welcome to join ,even if you never tried PvP before , the matches will be at lvl 50 with alpha incarnate slot enabled.
In this event you will be able to bring your toon(s) and teamup with a random partner in a  2v2 arena match.
The exact rules will be posted on the forums a bit later this week.

If you pre sign up by dming me on discord or posting on forums or sending me an ingame message  to global handle @Sessa  and then show up at event, you will have a chance at winning a fun prize.



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