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The Lessons of a Minotaur (RP Diary)

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((A strange fanzine has been seen distributed in the lower echelons of Steel Canyon. It looks like it has been put together with a crude Xerox machine and bizarre collage, like a ransom note from 1982. *Everlasting server))

The First Lesson 


"With the flick of my knife,

I could change your life

There's nothing you can do."

--Problem Child, AC/DC

AC/DC teaches us that we are not fully in control of our destiny.

That the turn of a single blade can twist the fate of even the gods themselves.

This is the First Lesson. 

Problem Child - 1977 (Live)


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The Second Lesson 

Where you going to be?
Where will you spend eternity?
I'm gonna be perfect from now on
I've gotta be perfect...starting now
--Randy Describes Eternity, Built to Spill


Built to Spill teaches us that the concept of eternity and penance are absurd. 

Therefore our relationship with time and the universe itself, is also absurd.


*Note the teachings of Albert Camus are also instructive for The Second Lesson, see "The Myth of Sisyphus".

Randy Describes Eternity, Built to Spill (Live 1999)


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The Third Lesson 


It's a cruel, (cruel) cruel summer
Leavin' me here on my own
It's a cruel, (it's a cruel) cruel summer
Now you're gone

--Cruel Summer, Banarama

Banarama teaches us to embrace our alienation and existential angst. 

Banarama also teaches us that a common "absurdist" coping mechanism for this angst. is to simply sing and dance "in celebration" of this alienation. 


The third lesson also teaches us that you should never judge a band by their haircuts.


Banarama - Cruel Summer (Official Video)









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The Fourth Lesson


((Mature themes below))


She sees the drugs on the table
Emotions unstable
She thinks I'm a man on a mission
But I've done no crime
Yeah, I just sing songs
She says "That's just fine
Love me like James Bond

And I feel just fine
'Cause she seems so high
Yeah, I just sing songs
She says, "That's your crime"
--Paper Idols, James Bond
The fourth lesson has often been summarized as simply: "Get out there and dance yourself crazy at the Pocket D."
This is because fourth lesson teaches us that the Cat Girls of the Pocket D are far more advanced in their philosophy than the wanna be dictator. 
It also teaches us that the sex wish and the death wish are deeply and ironically tangled and woven together
The fourth lesson also brings forth the concepts of self-medication and mind-altering lifestyles, which are a prelude to The Fifth Lesson.





Paper Idols - James Bond (Official Video)

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((The weird fanzine inserts and flyers above are apparently related to some of the gossip on the yellow-tabloid podcasts in Steel Canyon. There is rampant gossip about a series of bloody massacres of any and all Circle of Thorn muggers in Steel Canyon))

IN THE NEWS:  A crazy Minotaur has escaped a psychiatric ward and the creature has begun to murder any Circle of Thorn member seen preying on the citizens of the Canyon. 


One woman, named Karen Everight, claimed to have been rescued by the creature. She claimed the minotaur "reeked of weed and superadine" and "was singing Cruel Summer by Banarama while hacking the Circle disciplines to ribbons with large ceremonial knives".

This minotaur is apparently distributing flyers espousing absurdist philosophy and lifetime dedication of increased self-awareness through mind-altering substances and Daft Punk disco.

Police warn all citizens not to approach the minotaur and to keep all discussion on the current shoegaze revival to a minimum. 


((If you RPers on Everlasting ever see Malik the Shoegaze Minotaur, please say hi. Existential indie-rock lyrics are not required  )) 


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