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Need Help, Cant Log Right Back Into Character To Play


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been still having the same issues i had last night with my character when it first lost connection to map server, tried to log into said character named kane deilarose still says still logging out of character, i dont wanna lose my favorite character.... i've been playing this dude all day yesterday, i dont know if a mod will answer this or not, but i have alot of progress on this character and i'd had to lose him, i cant play the game because everytime i try to get into him it still says it's logging him out, but it's really not doing that, and it's frustrating, because this has happened since 12:48 and 1 AM, this is 3:23 PM and i'm still having the same issue, if anything, please, i need this solved, i want to play my character again, i have to much progress on him to lose it all again and startover, this characters my pride and joy, if you could please do something about this that'd be very much appreciated it, because even if i try to log back into the log in screen and try again it says this account is already logged in, and i'm just like, really?, like this is a legit problem that needs to be fixed immediately, because like i said many times before, even in game, i loved this game since i first had my hands on it back before the game ever shut down and i'd hate to have that experience go away all over again, because this has been going on for a long time and it's so frustrating that i'm not able to log into him, if you read this and respond, thank you so much if you have fixed it until then, because i'd love to log back into the game with no issues, if you can, if he's still in the game can you boot him out of the game if he's inactive, because it said he's been logged out for 0 days, which isnt really the case, just so that i can be able to log back into him or something like that without any problem or issue

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