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Double-click dragging enhancements, with AH window open, causes client crash.


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It appears that attempting to grab an enhancement with your mouse, immediately after it has been sent to the AH storage can cause a client crash.


Steps to reproduce:


  • Open enhancement tray and auction house window
  • Have an available enhancement in your tray
  • Left click once to send the enhancement to the auction house storage
  • Immediately left click and drag on the enhancement again to try and grab it with your mouse


Theres only about a half-second window in between your first click and when the enhancement is no longer available in your tray, so you need to perform these actions pretty quickly for the bug to occur, but if done right it should cause your client to crash or send you to the login screen.

Causes some minor annoyance when trying to send multiple enhancements to the AH quickly.

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