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Munitions AR model disassociation

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tl;dr request: I'd like to see blaster's munitions abilities separated from the AR costume part.


Primary reason being that adding the AR component to costumes that are already using another ranged weapon (Dual Pistols, Archery, Beam Rifle) causes consistent problems with the costumes in question, typically resulting in either the blaster's primary weapon, or the added AR, losing their visible model.


Other reason generally being that disassociating Munitions from the AR weapon model would let it be a bit more visually interesting, in my opinion. The cryo ray can be moved to a handheld device similar to some of what is used in the Devices pool, or perhaps even added to an uneditable weapon such as a Malta Sapper's beam emitter. Similarly, LRM would be much more visually satisfying if using the power caused the player to pull out a Council shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, and fire a shot from that instead.


That aside, I think LRM and Munitions in general still needs some help balance-wise, but this request is purely about un-buggering the visual and aesthetics side of the kit.

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