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Option to deactivate Dominators & Sentinels inherent aura effect.

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Hi everybody,


I asked this already several times on discord, without any response, so I try it here:

(Edit: I got some great response lately and one was to try it here ;) )


I wanted to ask, if it is possible to ad an option(!) to deactivate the aura effect from the Dominator and Sentinel inherent power.

This blinking effect always irritates me and I would love it, if there was a way that i don't need to see it on my characters ever again.


My suggestion is to give Null the Gull this ability, like the other useful stuff he can do. I don't know the code of the game, but deactivating an aura effect shouldn't be harder than deactivating an extra bar, which Null the Gull already is able to do. But of course this depends on how this inherent powers are coded and without actually knowing the code this is purely my speculation on the level of effort that is required to do so.


Of course the best option would be to be able to modify this effect at a tailor, but I can imagine this to be much harder to implement.

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You could try suppress fx, I used to use it to ice armor, so this might be a work around.


These options exists in the options menu to some extent too.


/suppressCloseFx 0 and /suppressCloseFx 1 will turn off and on the close effects on your character.


/bind  suppressCloseFxDist 100 - the number is defaulted for 0.0 in options which is first person camera view, changing the number higher like to a 100 blocks most visual effects for me.


Note it blocks all effects on character, not just dominator aura.

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