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[VG]Virtue- The Second Circle


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Even though someone squatted on my global AND local name, Asmodeus, I assure you that @Ashmodaii is the real deal. I've just come back and am rebuilding what could be considered one of the most famous, (And infamous) Villain groups of Virtue. Adult players only please. back in the day, we had fun storylines, good friends, icebreaker games, friendly people, and tons of support for our members.

The Second Circle is the circle of hell dedicated to Lust, as such, adult themes are bound to happen.

As of the posting of this thread, The Circle is only rebuilding, but we plan to return to the glory it once had.

Come join me in Hell, and make the best of your eternal torment. Demons, Devils, Angels, Fiends, Sinners, and any other villain can be welcome.


I'm looking to forge new friendships, and repair old burned bridges. Everyone is welcome to come home, or be welcomed home for the first time.


RPVG, Adult, Hell



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