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<The Hero Corps> - Super Sentai Costume Contest in Kallisti Wharf!


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Greetings, Paragon City! This Sunday, July 14th, at 7 p.m. EST / 4 p.m. PST, the Hero Corps and Icon are looking to bring a few lucky winners fabulous cash prizes for their sense of style and originality!





1st Prize: 300 Million Influence/Infamy

2nd Prize: 150 Million Influence/Infamy

3rd Prize: 75 Million Influence/Infamy



And the theme for this costume contest is...

Japanese Sentai!




This Sunday, we're paying special homage to the rangers, riders, and task forces of the land of the rising Sun! We here at Hero Corps and Icon want to express our support for Japan and their mutual goals of the pursuit of justice and security the world over! Interested in participating? Assemble at One Statesman Plaza in Kallisti Wharf to join!

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"This Sunday evening, at 7 p.m. in the evening, Kallisti Wharf was graced with another costume  contest - this time hosted by the joint partnership of the Hero Corps and Icon. The contest's theme was "Japanese Sentai Heroes (sentai being japanese for 'task force'), to give homage to Paragon City's sister heroes operating in the land of the rising sun.


The contest garnered a nominal amount of attention, with participants coming from all across Rhode Island to take part in the contest in Khallisti Wharf. All sorts of colorful costumes were on display, with long, flowing scarfs, sleek spandex, bulky gloves and boots, and helmets we are sure were difficult for the contestants to see out of. But if their Japanese can fight this way, then so could our American heroes.


The third place winner was a woman going by the moniker: Fashion Forward. We're not too familiar with their record as a hero, but we can certainly agree with the judges that their outfit was impeccable. The second place winner was a gentleman by the name of Chisoku. Their golden scarf was so long, it was practically smothering their face! But the judges liked it, and got their nomination. Then the first place winner was a mousy woman by the name of Moonfist! Pristine,  white scarf and sash, and a brilliant violet color.


Along with the finalists, the Hero Corps and Icon also named four honorable mentions: Pandorum, Badger, Shiruba Hosharanger, and Fiona Frost. From what they told Paragon Times, they received nominal rewards for their participation in the costume contest. While we aren't certain why Icon paterned up with the  controversial Hero Corps, we'll continue to report this partnership if it continues."


The following page featured a full-page advertisement.




((Pictures of the winners. Thank you all for participating in our costume contest! We promise to host more!))




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