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Disconnecting in Trials


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I have a blaster, I have tried 3 times now to do trials on Torchbear.  In Lamda I get Dc'd after jumping the wall into the fortress.  In BAF, I lost the Mapserver in the middle of the cutscene.  I haven't done trials in a while, but on my main I had no problem.  Any ideals?

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This can happen to me, but only on my Radiation Armor/Stone Melee Tank. My other characters are fine.


I tried deleting him and remaking him with a different costume and name. But those powers seem to be a curse. It's quite annoying when teaming. And when solo, I can be just about to finish a mission and *bam* I'm mapservered.


Was doing Summer Blockbuster last night. Both of the cut scenes kicked me out.

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