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Award a new badge (or add to master req.) for AT only SF/TF

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Not going to lie, a good 75% of people who were on live that I run SF/TF with agree that incarnate has made the pre-incarnate SF/TFs far too easy... Some miss the old days of strategy and good wipe by an AV or Hero due to the lack of communication etc.... Now days everyone just spams barriers and clarions and whatever else incarn, launch a ton of lore pets, and jump right into it. Masterminds doing melee with an AV bc his defense is capped? Nah....


No one wants to run AT powers only because you don't get anything for it. To add a badge that lets people know you beat it with a hand saw instead of a chain saw would be nice... Or even better, make it one of the requirements to earn a Master of XX badge.

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