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Praetoria Questline Bugged


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Hi there, super happy to be back and I'm enjoying the game a lot.  I am the kind of person who likes to do every quest I can and read through all the dialogue so I don't miss anything.  I've come upon some issues in Nova Praetoria however.  So for starters my character who joined the Resistance side of things is unable to ever call Calvin Scott during the Loyalist missions where she is supposed to be able to inform him as an undercover agent.  The mission text will advise you to call him but when I do he doesn't give me any options.  I don't have this issue on my Loyalist character so I believe it is an issue just on the Resistance side.  I did restart my character to see if it was just an issue with her, but the bug persisted.


My second issue is with the final contact of every questline in Nova Praetoria (levels 1 -10).  I'm able to get introduced to the first (ex:Deputy Assistant of Information) and they introduce me to the second (ex: Warrant) but every time I'm supposed to be introduced to the final contact (ex: Reese) of that questline I don't get the option and going to them myself doesn't give me any option to start their missions.  I haven't gone to the second zone to see if this issue persists with those contacts because I was trying out each questline option on different characters to see if any of them would work for me, however I had no luck. 


I know I can just read the mission logs online to know what happens but it isn't the same as actually playing through the missions and enjoying the story.  If this is just a bug and someone knows of a way around it that would be great, otherwise I just wanted to put it out there not knowing if it's something that can ever be fixed.  I want to reiterate that I am not ungrateful for just being able to play the game again and I'm still having a lot of fun, but the nerd in me felt the need to mention this issue despite the small fraction of the game it incorporates.   

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