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Chat causes Crash To Desktop. Repeatable/Multi-user


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I've tried to narrow it down as far as possible for you. Please let me know if you have questions or if I can help further.


  • I started noticing some crashing to desktop a couple weeks ago. I did some basic troubleshooting at first, re-validating and reinstalling but it kept persisting.
    Later I started noticing this was happening when I went to send a message or just after sending it.
    So I started to question why and what I've done to cause this or am actively doing to cause it.
    Copy and paste the following into your chat and say it in the "local" tab.

;testing test test test test. Still testing. More testing this is a test to crash your game. It hopefully will happen. Sorry if it does, but that just means it needs fixed. Have a nice day. Resuming test test test test test test test that's a lot of test-


  • Take note of starting the chat with ; and ending it with -  I've come to suspect in my testing not all text in between these two characters causes a crash. Though I'm having trouble duplicating this. Meaning you may type anything following the rules here
    You'll also need to post this twice (Seems odd posting the same thing but as a RPer with a very limited chat. I often can run over and end in - several times an hour. Time between these posts don't seem to matter.)
    Lastly your chat limit needs to be reached and you need to end in the -
    In my testing doing other methods /em or /emote do not cause this crash only when starting with ;



Thanks for reading.





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