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Task Force permanently bugged on character


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I started a Task Force, and abandoned it shortly after.


However since I abandoned the Task Force, It is now permanently stuck to my characters missions list, (Without details of the task force).

It is a Blank Task Force in missions. Unable to start any other missions, AE, or even communicate with a large portion of NPCs due to this Task Force bug.


Source - "Task Force - Lady Grey - Ritiki War Zone"


If there's any way for this to get fixed I'd greatly appreciate it. Or if a GM could help.


Edit ------ Was able to fix this bug myself, at AE


Create your OWN AE mission, and test it, it forces an option to force cancel Task Force. Which opens up AE options, to quit story.

After Quitting story, It completely reset the bugged Task Force. For the future, if anyone ever runs into a bug similar to this. 100% fix

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