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Can't Access Forum or Game Account


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Hey, all. I've had to make a second account here for this question. About a week ago I made an account with the username "Rad." I linked it to one of two emails I have. The password was saved by Chrome and I wrote it down, to be sure. When the email stops working, I think "no big deal!"


Recover password on the forums -> enter username. Entered. "Email sent! Check email." I check all my emails (I only have two) and nothing. I attempt to recover my password with my email addresses. Neither exist. I think "well, Rad, maybe they cleansed the registered users or something." So, I go to re-register.




"Rad" is taken.




So. Yeah. In-game and forum accounts now don't work. Can a mod help me? Have I already had my identity stolen?  :'(

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