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Respec - Client Crash everytime


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Hello ! At first I want to say thank you for the Revival of this great game ! My Problem: Every time I am trying to respec my toon the Client will crash...i tried it nearly 30 times now...it doesnt work on other toons too.

If I try to Combine enhancements the Client will crash too...l dont get any error Messages - just a crash to the Desktop. I use WIN 10 Professional 64 bit (registered), fast Internet (VDSL) and 8 GB of RAM.

The game runs great (some overheating issues but it works most of the time). Graphic Card is GT1030 - not the best but i can run every other game ! I tried: Older NVIDA Drivers, more Memory allocations via the Task Manager, i used the search functions in the Forum and Internet in gerneral - i couldnt find any Solutions. I play on the EU Reunion Server. Thank you ! (Sorry i am not native english speaking). 





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