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'Trouble at the Zoo' an Event brought to you by Paragon's Hope Supergroup


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Paragon's Hope Supergroup proudly present, an exciting, creative and innovative event unlike any other you've taken part in before: 'Trouble at the Zoo'.

Join us on the evening of Friday 9th August - meeting in Atlas Park from 6:30pm EST (US time) / 11:30 pm BST (UK time) where we will round everyone up, brief the special mission and then begin. 

'Trouble at the Zoo' is a competitive event which will reward many who enter - offering plenty of separate obtainable prizes totalling hundreds of millions of influence. All details will be revealed on the night, though we strongly advise to bring a character with a travel power along to the event. 

We look forward too seeing this fantastic community there with us. 😁

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 01.47.26.png

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