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Bonus Alt Experience - Prestige System?

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I was talking this idea in the discord beforehand, and since it seemed to catch a bit of interest I decided to put it here on the forum for further discussion and development.


I figure CoH is a game infamous for attracting a ton of alts, but I also know some people don't have the patience to see those characters through all the way to level 50.  I can understand the perspective of people who want players to experience and savor the journey, but I can also understand the perspective of players who don't want to go through an MMO-length level grind on every new concept they have.


What if, as a bridge between these two ideals, each character you got to max level gave you a bonus on setting up your next one?  Maybe, say, each character at level 50 gives another 10% to your experience gained on future characters.  This would help incentivize people to see alts through instead of constantly dumping them, while also making it so players who do keep making alts have an easier time getting them established instead of needing to constantly redo the same leveling content.


What do you guys think?

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