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Helpful tip for server names

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To make things easy for those who prefer one game type over another it would be helpful if the server names be changed in a subtle way with a little addendum at the end indicating what is the main play style focus on that particular server. For example, Torchbearer could listed as "Torchbearer - PvE" another server could be listed for example "Indomitable - PvP" and another as "RP".


I'm suggesting this cause more than once the question of which server is the official [insert play style here] server seems to get asked a lot in game. Anyhoo, would this be helpful for anyone else?

You may also know me in game as...


Mupi Widt - AKB048 - Pulsar Girl - Captain Dad - Popsicle Girl - Carpathian - Tatanya Angelica Snow

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