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[Rogue][30-35] Who Dares Wins (#239)


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Who Dares Wins

ID: 239

Faction: Rogue

Creator: @Zaphir

Level range: 30-35

Difficulty: Easy. No customs to speak of other than optional minibosses, no EBs, no timed missions. You have an ally in 3 of the 5 missions, and other sources of help in the fourth (you ARE a Sky Raider captain after all).

Length: Fairly long; it has 5 missions, but 3 of the maps are Small. The other two are a Medium map and an outdoor map.

Enemy groups: Crey, Rikti, Freakshow; some Council, PPD and Sky Raider cameos. Two custom "bosses" (LT-level).

Possible annoyances: Mainly the fourth mission, because it's a kill-boss mission on an outdoor map, and we all love outdoor maps. Unfortunately, there is no better choice for that level, and it's not as bad as it looks (enemies should be spawning on the ground level and maybe the first level; they should NOT spawn on the catwalks at all)


Synopsis: You are the leader of a Sky Raider strike force working directly under Duray's command. You've been planning a daring attack on Terra Volta for nearly a year. Nothing can get between you and your prize now -- or so you think.


Note: This was my winning entry for Dr. Aeon's 3rd contest (Rogues and Vigilantes). I have noticed some strangeness with ally rescue text not firing, but this may be an issue with MA in general.

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