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Launching direct from new 32 bit exe crashes


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Bit of an odd one and probably wont affect many people but for some reason I can not launch the new 32bit version direct from the exe with command line arguments any more.

Command line arguments are the ones listed in the manifest as the current ones (-patchversion 2019.08.22 -auth -patchdir homecoming) and the legacy version works with these like it always did and the 32bit version launches fine through tequila but if I try and launch the 32bit version direct with the same command line bits it just crashes straight off with no surviors.

I normally do this because I occasionally (probably related to my horrible internet) seem to lose access to the manifest even when other have no problems so tequila fails but I can still connect to the game directly.

Not a gamebreaking bug or stopping me from playing most of the time, just kind of odd. Any ideas?

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Added the reason why I do this
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