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Summon pets with a double click


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Hi, is there a way to summon pets at your feet or default location each time with a bind or macro?  Like double clicking it makes them appear without have to target the ground and pick a spot for them to spawn?  This would be great if someone has a solution.  Then doing rotations, you could just hit that bind/macro and move on to the next power.



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Sure, any location power can be cast on target, me, or location.  I summon pets this way and they appear with one click next to me:


/bind Numpad1 powexec_location me Gremlins



When I press 1 on the numberpad it summons the pet right next to me.  No need to target.

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I figured it out and it works really well!  If anyone wants a bind, here it is.  Just replace 0 with whatever key you want. With one press it summons your imps at your feet.  You can change the location too.


/bind 0 powexec_location me Fire Imps


What is the best way to keep your pets from dying?  They seem to die really fast in combat.














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