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Multiple Controller Pets


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Hi all. I play a gravity controller. I am wondering if its possible to have multiple Singularity pets out at once with recharge enhancements. Or is it just one pet at a time?  Do different classes have different rules on this? Thanks for helping.

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Nope, you can only have a single summon of the level 32 Controller pet. You used to be able to have multiples with enough recharge back in the day (pre-Issue 5 iirc) but they had a duration back then too. Now it's just a single pet but they're permanent unless killed or dismissed.



The Mastermind is really the archetype you're looking for if you want an army of minions, although some Controller combinations, like the Dark/Dark I'm leveling atm, can have multiple types of pets out at once. In that particular case it's one Umbra Beast, two Haunts, one Dark Servant and as many mobs as you can Possess ;) But you don't have direct control over any of them like a Mastermind does with their henchmen.

Nuclea - Rad/Rad Defender - Defiant - LoonyToons

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