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Clone Defense Powerset


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Link to the Fully Detailed writeup here!


I'd made this powerset concept a while ago, but at the time I was only posting my powerset concepts on reddit. I want to bring it here since I've seen a lot of people here suggest Clones as a powerset concept for Masterminds.


I feel cloning is an iconic power that should be represented in City of Heroes... but not as a Mastermind power! In fiction, characters who focus on cloning will swarm their opponents. All clones are disposable and equal; an endless swarm of easily defeated mooks that swarm opponents in unison. Compare this to Masterminds: making a new powerset with pets that look like you just would not match this fantasy. You'd be hanging back, supporting weak mooks, being the vulnerable "head" of an army that should be self-replicating.


As a Defense powerset, there's a looser formula to work with. Defense powersets provide survivability for their users. Defense, Resistance, and Maximum Health are the most obvious sources of survivability, but when you think about attributes that gives someone lasting power in a fight, you'll find it includes things like Lifesteal, Regeneration / Self Healing, Enemy Debuffs, Absorb... and maybe extra bodies to take the hit for you! So as a Defense powerset, Cloning's power budget puts a lot of its strength in manifesting additional bodies (which doubles as self healing in a sense), and actively shifts power AWAY from your maximum health (since your health will need to be split amongst your clones), while leaving just enough power in Defense / Resist to mitigate what would otherwise be a overly-crippling weakness to AoE attacks. 


So here's the TL;DR summary of each power in this powerset (and yes, this is somewhat tl;dr compared to the full writeup):


  • T0: Hivemind
    This innate debuff is granted to applied to all clone defense characters. Your maximum health, defense, resist, and attack power are debuffed to varying multiplier-based amounts. For every clone you have, the damage penalty is increased, however your overall damage output is always higher with more clones. As you level up, your maximum clone limit increases, and the strength of this debuff increases accordingly. Hivemind provides some protection against AoE attacks; if an AoE attack hits two or more of your bodies, the damage is reduced by a fixed percentage (separate from Resist) that is increased per clone hit. This protection IS somewhat small; I would say that an AoE attack that hits you and all clones would still be far more painful than if you had a different defense power.
  • T0: Bodyhop
    An 8-second CD innate power. This lets you "swap" with one of your clones. It can be performed while under a mez effect or even while KO'd. The current CD of your abilities is not affected when you swap. IO set bonuses can reduce the CD of Bodyhop, but at reduced efficiency.
  • T1: Summon Clone
    You passively gain Clone stacks over time at a slow rate; the maximum number of stacks you can have increases as you gain levels. Summon Clone has a very short cooldown, consuming one stack to manifest a clone with identical stats to you. By default, clones ONLY have access to your T1 power from your other powerset by default. Clones use your endurance pool to use their T1 power, but with 90% endurance reduction. They also do not expire, and will remain active even if you are KO'd. You do not receive XP debt until you and all clones are defeated. Enhancing this power with damage / healing / defense / resist enhancements reduces the penalties from Hivemind. Recharge reduction enhancements do not affect this ability's short cooldown, but instead increase the rate you get Clone stacks. Max stacks and clones (excluding self) is 1 at level 1, and 5 by level 50.
  • T2: One For All
    Toggle: You and each clone gets a small PBAoE aura that buffs Defense against all attacks except Psychic. The buff from this aura only affects you and your clones.
  • T3 (Primary) / T4 (Secondary): Clone Toss (Melee ATs Only)
    Manifest and throw a clone at an enemy. Does not consume a Clone Stack, but kills your lowest health clone if it puts you past your maximum. The tossed Clone gets a damage and to-hit buff. The CD of this ability decreases as you level up, as clones become increasingly numerous and disposable.
  • T3 (Primary) / T4 (Secondary): Coordinated Assault (Ranged ATs Only)
    You target an enemy at range, while also manifesting a clone at your location. The target receives a short but massive debuff to defense/resist against your clone's attacks. All of your clones will briefly focus their attacks at that target as well. Like Clone Toss, does not consume a stack, but kills your lowest health clone if you go past your maximum, and the ability recharges faster as you level up.
  • T4 (Primary) / T5 (Secondary): Team Support
    You end all Mez effects on yourself while gaining a Mez resist buff. All of your clones will also be commanded to seek out one other clone and provide them with the same buff.
  • T5 (Primary) / T3 (Secondary): Clone Expertise
    Granted earlier than normal for ATs with defense secondaries, since they need the offensive benefits this power grants sooner rather than later. Clone Expertise is a low endurance cost Toggle that allows your clones to use your T2 damage powers, and provides a to-hit buff. While this power has reduced endurance cost, it does make each clone use more endurance since they use your T2 powe.r
  • T6 (Primary) / T7 (Secondary): Team Tactics
    Toggle: Works just like One For All, but provides Resistance instead.
  • T7 (Primary) / T8 (Secondary): All For One
    Consume all of your clones. You receive a large amount of healing and stamina, and are refunded some Clone stacks, based on the number of clones consumed.
  • T8 (Primary) / T6 (Secondary): Clone Mastery
    Works just like Clone Expertise. Allows your clones to use your T3 attack powers, and provides a damage buff. Low endurance cost too.
  • T9: Mitosis
    The ultimate Cloning technique. Each clone creates another clone at their position, regardless of your clone cap. However, you lose all stacks of Clone Stock and can't gain more for a duration. Furthermore, your lowest health clone constantly takes irresistable DoT. This power only allows you to exceed the clone cap for 3 minutes. Healing/Absorb enhancements reduce the DoT.
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