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    12 November 2022 12:00 AM

    This event began 08/28/22 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    The Saturday Night Synapse™ you loved as a single team event has now grown into a league! We meet every Saturday at 8PM ET in Skyway and form as a league, but each team runs their own Synapse. This is not a race to see who can complete the TF fastest. Instead, we coordinate our Babbage spawns and pull them together for some big-time clockwork fun!!
    All teams in the league do the missions of a normal Synapse TF until we get to the "Defeat the Clockwork Lord" mission. Once the Clockwork Lord is defeated and the mission is completed, wait to exit until all other teams complete the mission. So bring your patience! When the OK is given to exit, each team leaves the mission and waits for their Babbage to spawn. We then pull the Babbages to open central area for a party! Since we're in league, it's easy to pick a spot that's central to all the teams. And Babbage will follow you anywhere... just be careful to keep him away from any police drones.  
    We're currently running with 3 teams, so we get 3 Babbages. But the more the merrier!
    No need to RSVP. First come, first serve. Or you can send a tell to @Kalikamata in game.

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    Torchbearer Player-Led Event 0 Comments
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    06 November 2022 10:30 PM

    This event began 08/29/20 and repeats every day forever

    Daily Early Bird Hami starts forming at 6 pm EST in The Hive, followed by Little Claw's Hami raid.

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    Torchbearer Player-Led Event 4 Comments
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