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  1. I suspect this might be because of the EM rework last issue... but the most fearsome critter in all of AE seems to be a boss with glowing pom pom fists. I've been on a couple missions now where a boss or an EB has this pants-wetting opening one-shot-kill attack that kind of sours my desire to finish the story, no matter how well written it is. If this is because of the EM rework, I wonder if folks who have them in their missions might want to tweak them to scale the bosses back just a smidge.
  2. Semantics. Saying that you don't have to take the T1 power means letting players skip it to take something else. Effectively the same thing. It's a reasonable limitation, IMO. Sometimes it's an annoying one that makes some sets not very attractive (at least to me and probably you). Though entangling arrow was not a great example to give because of the debuff attached to it. My bugaboo is with being forced to take a power that only does immobilize with minor to moderate dmg and no real useful utility along with it, like Fire. The knockbacks are MUCH better. Or when the power works i
  3. ^THIS I don't like the idea of skipping the first power entirely. I can see some broken builds come out of that. But the uselessness of many tier 1 secondary powers make too many sets rather unattractive.
  4. One quibble I've had since beta is that all of the boots are too high. Even when they started coming out with better customized legs, all of the boots came over the calf unless your toon wore long pants or the sneakers/slippers with no socks. The way combat boots look under the camo pants... that's how high most boots come up on people. Can we get some of those options?
  5. I like how we have alt animations in Martial Arts, so it's not just kicks. Street Justice could use the same. Most notably, Sweeping Cross would be awesome with the Storm Kick animation (it might need a crank back stance before the spin due to the activation time probably). I am not a fan of the flailing fist move it has now.
  6. That's kind of the thing... I do no think that increased speed was intended to be a drawback. The added benefit in the pool puts it more in line with Leaping. For most, the added speed made it even nicer. When I saw other people complain about the speed during focused feedback threads, I was disappointed that wasn't addressed.
  7. It's a bit more clumsy having a third toggle to activate, but it makes sense, too.
  8. So... many powers have tradeoffs. And all of those other tradeoffs are pretty reasonable. Granite Armor is probably the most extreme example, yeah. That's not apples to apples, though. And it's been that way since (practically) day 1 for well thought-out reasons. Somebody else in the thread tried to compare this to the snipe mechanic change. But moving your toon around is a bit more fundamental than having to adjust your attack string for one AT. Not a fair comparison at all. The extra speed is just too fast to the point of being jarring IMHO, and not a fair tradeoff for the benefit you get.
  9. BTW I've said forget about Null a bunch of times. I changed the subject line and everything. In an ideal world, Evasive Maneuvers speed boost would not apply to Hover. It's not needed and it forces an (in many cases) unwanted speed boost on us in exchange for the useful resist protects. Turning it off is not a reasonable option because then you lose the protections. If there is any way at all to fix this, I pray that the GMs can consider one. Please don't mistake the lack of any more replies as some kind of agreement or concession with the condescending elitists who dom
  10. But then you lose the benefits of having the power in the first place. That's NOT a valid choice. Skip it or cope does not address the problem. It's not a fair tradeoff for the resist bonuses. You people are the ones not comprehending what should be a very simple suggestion.
  11. Those are not "choices" when the only way around the problem is to turn it off or skip the power. It's about the tradeoff. Screw Null. It's a problem that IMHO deserves some kind of fix. Saying "skip the power or cope" in so many words is not a fix.
  12. Actually no they aren't. For as smart as you think you people are, the short sighted attempt at logic you keep trying to dazzle me with is obtuse. Those are not "choices" when the only way around the problem is to turn it off or skip the power. The speed boost is not a fair tradeoff for those bonuses. IMHO the speed buff should never have applied to Hover. The resists ere awesome and very welcome. But the speed aspect of it was never needed (on Hover). Everyone moved more than fast enough indoors. Everyone got to the elevator or the next cave room at pretty much the same time regardless of ho
  13. So the choices... 1. Keep the power for the very useful resists the devs have added for us, but at the cost of having to fly at a speed that is so fast it is dizzying and aggravating in close quarters. 2. Turn it off during combat or skip the power entirely, denying myself the very useful resists and defeating the whole purpose. 3. Learn to play in a completely different manner than I've been doing since 2004 getting dozens of toons to 50 because I'm clearly doing it wrong. Nah, that's not insulting or condescending at all. Yeah that's some choice. Thanks.
  14. Wow. So the concession of the 7337 player base is shut up and cope and learn to play better. As I said...so don't use Null to fix it. Maybe there is another way. Though none of these arguments is very compelling as to why you can't use Null. Every response could have been equally applied to players having to deal with speed boost buff from Kins or not wanting to have to click accept on mystic fortune all the time. You keep forgetting where you are in the portal jockey badge? Use a spreadsheet. Don't like group fly working as designed? Cope and learn to play better. Eve
  15. I don't have sprint on during combat either for the same reason. I actually told Kins to NOT drop speed boost on my melee toons before Null back in the day. It's not impossible to control but it's aggravating in a lot of situations. So call it a quality of life suggestion.
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