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  1. SFMA is a new one on me. I'm guessing "Story first Mission Architect"?
  2. It would be helpful for browsing story driven content if we could EXCLUDE keywords like Giant Monster; farm, etc. Does this feature exist?
  3. FWIW, endo got much more manageable by level 45 with a few more end cost set bonuses and the accolade badges. It is just brutal levelling up
  4. This might sound weird, but... will there be a way to suppress the speed buff of Evasive Maneuvers? --As an option for your toon, not on the power. I'm one of these players who goes to Null the Gull first thing to make sure that Speed Boost doesn't make me run so fast I overshoot everything. I was trying it out with the changes. The lower endo cost makes it worlds more playable. But hover speed is too fast now. I don't even have swift slotted. but I'd like to keep it on for the immobilize and -fly protect.
  5. The endo issues are only when solo. I don't notice the drag as much when I'm on a team. Deciding what toggles to not run isn't really a solution, though. The cast times compounded with the higher cost of steamy mist and snow storm makes it an often aggravating challenge to solo. I will have to try that with Tornado as a workaround. Thanks.
  6. Specifically, there have been a bunch of times where my 3 x hydro stacks drop on my almost immediately before I can get the next attack off. If it's not a bug, I think the timer on that should maybe be extended another second or two.
  7. Storm is a crazy fun set. But... For having so few toggles, it is a flipping endurance hog. Even with Performance Shifter, Panacea+Miracle proc+Numina proc on Health, and a few other endo set bonuses elsewhere, it's barely manageable. I can't even imagine how this will work with Evasive Maneuvers tacked on. Besides the casting cost on the instant powers, I think Snow Storm is a bit high for the benefit. Steamy Mist is .05 higher that most others, too. Tornado is often difficult to cast if you lose track of the mouse pointer (which is easy to do on big teams) It will eit
  8. When I hover or fly, it's at the waist. When I stand, it's around my shoulders. So weird.
  9. I made a /Storm Corruptor for the first time on HC. I had a Storm Troller back on Live, but I don't remember this toggle blotting out so much of the screen. It's unusable the way it looks now. Not for the stats, but because I can't see anything. Trying to customize the color doesn't help. Didn't it spin around at waist level before at least, not shoulder height? It would help to be more transparent and not so dense.
  10. Wow cool. Another thread started by someone who thinks that the game is too damn easy and thus teams become boring. I like this trend. One funny thing that sticks out is that people keep saying this creates a challenge, or makes the game hard. No... it makes the game not so ridiculously easy to the point where anyone can steamroll any given mission at +4x8. That was fun when we were only here for the nostalgia. But when that wears off, we don't want to see people leaving again like they were in 07. A notoriety setting to better balance the team would set a tone for players who actu
  11. Being able to switch off IO set bonuses for the team as a noteriety options sounds like an elegant solution to a problem. Those who don't think it's a problem can ignore it. Those of us who want everyone on a team to actually feel more involved instead of letting four OP builds plow through the whole thing by themselves can set it. They they have a simple tag their for their LFG callouts to attract like minded players. I think it would create a better environment for the whole community.
  12. I got 2 punny names out of my alts... Amber Blaise - Fire/Fire sentinel (because Ember was taken) Stormy Watters - Water/Storm corrupter (particularly proud of that one 😃)
  13. Holy smokes this topic took off. I was busy irl all evening so I didn't know. Lots to read through when I get a chance. Glad I started a conversation.
  14. We do all that. Themed ITFs are great. Sometimes we have the right mix of folks on to run lowbie stuff. When I do callouts in LFG for my own PUGs, I always specify "kill most" or "for xp and fun" or something along those lines to weed out the toddlers. It's not foolproof, but it helps a lot.
  15. No I did not want an echo chamber. I even said that up front more or less. I was holding out hope that the minority was not so tiny, though. It is annoying that so many of the "suggestions" are nothing but snark that's out of phase with the reality of the game. But I expected that, too. Just maybe not so much of it. Had to try. :) And I agree that "needed" is bad, But balance is so far to the opposite extreme it's kinda sad. But like lots of others are saying, that's how the bulk of players want it. I'll never understand why, but it is what it is. As someone else called
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