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  1. Scrappers don't get ranged attacks. Flip the powers a bit to make the assault sets have more range over melee and problem solved. Either way, the passive needs a rework.
  2. The passive is in fairly desperate need of a rework. On paper the AT sounds great. They are fun to level up. But once you get north of 40, life gets a bit frustrating compared to blasters, even with the defense. Honestly I think this AT would be better served if the Primary sets were more like the Assault secondaries that Doms have, too.
  3. IMHO even the sets that people consider to be at the "bottom" of some weird arbitrary list can be fun and viable. That is part of the beauty of this game. There are countless ways to play, not a "correct" way that only follows one standard.
  4. That's a good question. You'd want to distinguish it from, say, Archery. Lethal and/or smashing damage makes the most sense for damage type. Add +perception to the Aim boost that usually comes with these sets (these kinds of characters tend to eagle eyes). It's got a toxic damage attack already so that works. It should probably have a stun and some other proc attack like a leg shot to slow or immobilize. Maybe give it a "Technique" mechanic that opens up toggles like Pistols/Swap Ammo, but instead of changing damage types, it's more like staff mastery... An offensive technique with a recharge buff and a damage resist debuff, a defensive technique with a to-hit debuff and secondary effects boost, and a precise technique gives an endo discount and defense debuff . Something like that.
  5. I suspect this has been suggested a gazillion times. If so add one more thread to the pile. I was wondering recently why this hasn't been done already. You have the set halfway built by way of Martial Assault for Doms. Add a quick-throw shuriken from Weapons Mastery, a ranged AOE grenade, design a cone and a PBAOE, and voila. A Blaster with Thrown Weapons + Ninja or Martial or a Sent with Ninjitsu or SR would work for just about every street vigilante ever. We'd ideally love customization options to throw other things besides shuriken... like knives, batons, discs, or a rotation of random handheld objects like soda cans/ashtrays/pens/household nicknacks/spare change. Get on that guys. Ok? 😃
  6. It is confusing, but I think I follow most of it. I added up the #s from the individual enhs vs what the combined total is and I see what you mean. The net result, though, when you look at the Combat Attributes window. When I see "72.73% duration" from all the stacked effects, does that literally mean just under 3/4 of the duration? So it shaves ~5 seconds off a 15 second hold, for example. Like MT said above, that might matter when soloing. I can see where trying to stack any more than that would net out to like 1-2 seconds at the most, though. Assuming I got this right.
  7. That's confusing. The combat attributes window says "-x% duration" so that makes me assume that 50% resist = 50% duration. Anyway, I splurged on an unslotter to test this, and the numbers still did not change with Aegis removed. It's 20% lower on all individual status buffs than what the IO Set states. 2.5% -> 2.44% just as it was before when Aegis was slotted. Does anyone have an explanation for this that someone who isn't a math major can understand?
  8. That's what makes me assume there's a soft cap or diminishing returns. I had hoped to slot other powers when I had the influence, but now thinking it would not be worth the influence if there's already a 20% reduction.
  9. So I started slotting my Defender to try to fill the Mez resistance gap. Is there any kind of cap on accumulated bonuses from different sets and procs? I ask because Aegis: Psi/Status resistance states it reduces duration by 20%, but the Combat Attributes window shows 16.67% duration. And Impervious Skin: Status states 7.5, but that reports 6.98%.
  10. Adding to pet AI woes... Why do they get aggro'd by prison doors? I was on Ghost Widow patron arc. I had one freed pet with me when we ran into the prison area of the base. After we cleared it of Longbow, she got fixated on one of the cell doors and I could not get her to leave. She was going to kill that force field come hell or high water. I had the difficulty set where I really kinda liked having the backup against all the bosses. So here I am like an idiot attacking a cell door so we can clear the last level of the base. Thank God it was the last one at the end so she didn't decide another cell door had to pay.
  11. Gah. Yeah. Some of those supposed helpers are like having Leroy Jenkins on your team. They need a tighter leash so they don't chase runners across the map.
  12. It's not just this mission. On my first week on HC while I was still kind of re-learning the game I ran into this on either I think it was an Alignment mission or maybe in the Shauna Stockwell arc. If you drop after the ambush spawns, every other attempt to reenter has a hot door. Telling someone to tweak their build or lower the diff is not an answer. They should not have to. I love that the newer missions are designed for challenge, but this really is a broken feature.
  13. Transferring things 1 attachment at time between alts is kind of nice, but gets to be a pain, and IMO not very intuitive for a game. I remember what was easily my favorite perk of the Legacy system on SWTOR was global storage to swap gear between alts. There's a couple ways to do that here. Make personal storage @global -- Also add tabs for Recipes, Enhs, and Insps. And a field for Influence/Infamy/Information. AND/OR Add Coalition Permissions to SG Base storage/bins -- It seems pretty common for folks to have their own personal SG base since Prestige went away, then they have alts as part of another SG with friends. It would be nice if we could share the storage and bins across the whole Coalition (still based on rank within their respective group). If for some reason the personal storage method isn't feasible, using bases to accomplish the feature could work and add community value.
  14. I think they figured out how to do it at some point. The New Praetoreans are all surprisingly good at following. They sometimes run into pathing issues, but they always know where you are. But hostages always get lost. And what prompted me to post this was Daedalus in Cimerora. He was constantly falling behind and just sitting there because of my shadow fall. So whatever they did to the NPCs in the Marchland arc they need to do to the rest.
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