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  1. 1000% agree. I’d totally be up for a standing donation! You all do an amazing job making so many people happy. Thank you!
  2. I’ve just started doing it now - having to run back to the contact to get the next mission definitely feels different! Thanks for the tip about excelsior, I’ll roll up a toon there!
  3. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone ever plays old school? I played from issue 4 all the way to the end and now COH is back I reminisce about the first time I ever played, the first time I got to whatever the level was where you got a travel power and how thrilling being able to fly was, getting a cape at 25 I think. The introduction of the hollows and Croatoa and Striga. Having to take the fitness pool! I’m rolling up a toon now and I’m going to try to play it the way the game was all the way back then. I’m curious if anyone else has tried that. Hope you are all safe and well.
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any interest in forming an all fire/rad super team? I remember doing this back on the live servers and it was great fun. Thinking of rolling up a team, doing DFB a couple of times, and then going through the TFs one by one. I’m available to do this most nights. Thinking starting tomorrow if possible, August 4th. Any interest? Let me know below, or email in game @intermipants.
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