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  1. Continuation of the story. New content, new powers etc. Continuous updates.
  2. Amongst my other punnish names I have a Warshade. It was a concept after a thread on the old live forums when Back Alley Brawler was still around. Somebody complained about casually playing on his purpled out Warshade. BABs called him on that, in an amusing way and "Purple Doubt" was born.
  3. Nice dig. I love how you managed to slag off a small team of unpaid volunteers who kept the dream alive with minimal funding and few resources in just one sentence. That's classy. Well done. Give yourself a medal I wonder how much better you'd have done.
  4. I love some of the "trash" S/HOs. They offer great flexibility and help complete a build. I am really against this idea because they would suddenly become ultra rare and get stupidly expensive when right now they have value /jranger
  5. Razer Naga Chroma I also use an orbweaver which is a dogpile compared to my much beloved and dearly missed Nostromo n52
  6. SCORE servers ran in secret for a number of years with pretty good numbers. Sure, some of the new servers will fall by the wayside. Darwin predicted this. Indeed some already have for varying reasons. The game will continue for as long as people are prepared to keep it going. It's a collective effort.
  7. My take on the game is perhaps not the same as most. I find the game solo is fundamentally less satisfying than many other games designed for the solo experience. I love this game, but it's much better in a team. I also find that although there's a lot of "entry level" content, some of it's pretty difficult to access, again, doubly so, solo. And many players want to get to 50 as quick as they can, just because they can. I won't say I've never done that (mostly with concept characters I want to use in high level experiences) but I find it pretty frustrating. I love the "normal speed" journey to 50, if I have a character I'm enjoying. If not I will PL through some levels just to see if it changes/improves. But my typical experience is to play it to 50, learn its quirks, foibles and interesting abilities, then IOs and Incarnate. Sometimes it takes getting to 50 to realise it's a bucket of puke and then it'll get deleted. But I'll have given myself time to make an informed decision. If I could get more prople interested in content runners, I'd be very happy but I tried doing a thing in Praetoria, and got a few people who said they'd join but nobody showed so, meh. Apathy is dull.
  8. ok there's a lot of posts already and I've not read everything in detail, so apologies if I'm repeating a question. what is the status of the Euro forums in this project? For many years the game suffered from a dev-inflicted trans-atlantic divide and we were very much the poor relations for a very long time. I hope if you're going to bring back the US forums, you'd also consider bringing the EU forums too, though I'd understand if it took a bit longer.
  9. the problem I find is that if I leave out some busy groups, I miss lots of into but if I have it in more than one window it swamps
  10. I found that zoning or entering a mission resets it. It was a bug on live I think too.
  11. Well it seems this is a bit of a bust. If you're still interested, please post here again and let's see if we can revive it.
  12. Sonic/Rad Blaster Mine: Human Resources Scarlet is Elec/Elec/Elec Blaster - my 2nd ever toon from 2006 Human Resources is... Thugs/Pain/Mace MM
  13. Water armour destroys paper armour very fast, but it does give paper armour huge +def bonuses against fire!
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