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  1. Elec blast and generally always had a "good history" - it always "used to be ok" but since forever it's got left behind. It "used to" excel at PVP, but then ED and -End got mitigated. It "used to be" one of the best control sets outside of being a controller but almost any other blast set can claim that title, especially Water. And why play an Elec blaster when you can play an Elec controller now? It "used to be" able to drain an AV's end but there's no chance of that now. In fairness it always "used to" have a useless pet. Some things haven't changed. VS remains roughly as useful as a rubber duck in the Sahara desert. (But that in itself makes it so skippable it relieves a tad amount of pressure on decision processes. I don't know if that's sufficient excuse however.) But it does seem odd that it has this kind of mythical aura (I suspect strongly, that there's a lot of rose tints going on here too) that once upon a time it was very good. But it never has been good in my opinion. Not since 2006 when I first rolled my namesake. But... it is fun. It can do some interesting things, and built right, and played right, it can be a boatload of fun. It's challenging to play one to its best, and that (to me at least) adds to the fun. But maybe that's just my take on things, but I've always been one who roots for the under dog. I've always enjoyed the comic characters who have fewer, weaker powers - in my mind that's what makes them great and although I didn't build Scarlet to be that person (I didn't know how Elec Blast performed in comparison to other powers) it didn't take me too long to realise that's where she lived and one reason she became my main for so many years. Is it worth playing? If you enjoy working hard to get the best out of it, absobloodylutely. If you want to walk into a room and kill all the things before your team arrives, not so much. Does it need close and personal scrutiny by devs (of whom successions have failed to even raise a level of interested awareness of its shortcomings)? Very much so. Is it playable now? Yes it most assuredly is. It doesn't need a huge amount of but it does need some. The relatively recent snipe tweaks have helped Zapp take up a good deal of slack from the set but that's probably true of most snipes. But do something creative wtih the -End (maybe give a % to stun if an opponent's end gets too low, for example, or even better boost the amount of Endurance returned to the player, giving Electric Blasters much higher levels of sustain.) Give it a worthwhile pet, something that earns its crust, and do something wtih the nuke which is pretty horrible. (I spent a decade skipping it because it just wasn't worth the grief of the -End crash and lack of damage.That's been partially resolved but it still deserves more.) Much of how you approach the set is going to depend on what you want from your character, and there's nobody else here can answer that one. Give it a go. You might even like it! Yeah Electric Blast "used to be" a lot of fun. It still is to my mind.
  2. I dislike Incarnates for exactly that reason.
  3. thanks. I didn't know those groups existed. I don't RP that... much! 😄
  4. That would be awesome! What TA powers stack?
  5. Might I suggest you post your build here? I'm sure there's a lot of great advice you'd get if you did. Clearly something seems to be disfunctional, given that Beasts is one of the best performing MM sets out there, so if we can see what you're doing then we can maybe give you some insight.
  6. I regularly interact with folks on Pacific time. I'm not saying it's perfect but it often happens 😄 but I think this idea does have legs. I hope we can get a team going
  7. Which is bad because...? 8x OSAs and nobody can move out ofit?
  8. Sadly I think TA is getting a bit of a bum steer here. I think we need to consider where "the worst" is in context. I mean, are we asking "The worst MM to solo?" or "The worst MM in a team?" which I suspect would give different answers. I would think TA doesn't fare well on a solo MM because it lacks proper synergy with any of the pets, but it does have some great bonuses, debuffs and control. The problem is, other stuff does the same thing only better. you know what I'm thinking now though. I think we need to make the shittiest MM team we can and run them from 1-50 without PLing them and see how they fare against Incarnates!
  9. without looking at the build in Mids, I'd suggest that's pretty good. IMO Thermal is an excellent support set and Thugs can be very tough on the bad guys. Thermal gives them shields, and some solid debuffs, so I'd imagine this would work very well for you.
  10. because sometimes wishes come true but not in an expected way. Human thinking is remarkably imprecise.
  11. I have one, The Angel of Mons, which is a very good support toon, but rubbish solo. I've created her as a spin on the legend of her name, see The Bowmen by Arthur Machin, which even now arouses many different emotions and stories in England. Essentially it references the Battle of Agincourt and the English bowmen who scored such a famous victory - so in my interpretation she is an Angelic archer leading an elite squad of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to victory. Or she might just be the Goddess of War and ensuring that the war continued... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels_of_Mons
  12. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter!
  13. I rarely play defenders, I think I've had one 50 in all the time I played the game but this has piqued my interest so I'm giving it a go. Thanks
  14. I don't know. I think a lot depends on the character you build and how you play them.
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