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  1. Some great comments here, thanks for chiming in. I do agree that Incarnate play is going to limit alt leveling, and that alone could be a reason I don't level many more alts. Getting that T3 or T4 incarnate ability is really impactful, and I tend to go that far on any alt I like. So with all the play at 50, inflation may yet become a thing again, with a pretty hard cap, due to the ability to exchange inf for merits and vice versa.
  2. I know purples are not what you spend merits on if you want to make the most of your merits, but I am not sure why. In July, I could sell in-demand (Apocalypse/Hecatomb/Ragnarok) purples for 25+ million easily within a day, and I thought it was a good alternative to converters and boosters for using merits to get Inf. I also flipped, and kept one bid in profit range for each piece of these sets at all times. I still do this, and have kept a pulse on trends as a result. However, I put a pause on bids as I consider whether purples will trend up or down at the end of summer in North A
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