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  1. Thanks for the reply. I checked the manifest address, it displayed the xml file without issue. The ISP is neither work nor school, and nothing obvious seemed to be blocked. And in the end, it seems the issue is that windows 10 no longer remembers that I told it to run tequila as admin. Instead of using the shortcut on the desktop, I need to go into the game directory, right click and tell the OS to run the program as admin and all worked fine. I am not certain why it cannot remember it, since a couple of other online games on the computer work without issue, but I will not complain further, I thank you again for your advice, and I will head into Paragon City to see what manner of evil I can defeat tonight.
  2. I normally play CoH on a windows 7 desktop, but when I am out of the city working, I take my windows 10 laptop with me and can play CoH on that when time allows. Due to recent circumstances, I have not been on the road much, so have not had to use my laptop to play CoH recently, but as I am travelling now, I took the laptop along. Starting up Tequila gave me the expected files downloaded, then an error message about a missing xml file. After some looking around, I decided to take the advice of the tequila patcher and reinstall, although I renamed the old CoH directory so I could try to avoid having to download too much. I then deleted the registry entry so it would create a new one pointing to the right directory. I redownloaded tequila to make sure I would have the most recent version, put it in the same named CoH directory (although I put it on my C drive instead of D), ran it and it opened the tequila window, but gave me the error message immediately without trying to download anything: Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml An exception occurred during a WebClient request. And there I stayed. I deleted the registry entry again, renamed the changed CoH directory back to CoH (as in my searching for a solution to the new error, I found a solution for the xml file issue), ran Tequila there, and got the same manifest download error. There seems to be nothing on this forum about this in my attempts to search, so perhaps somebody can enlighten me on what is going on here. The patch process worked without issue when I first tried to run the game, so I do not understand why running the same file from the same directory (admitted with a different registry entry) would produce a different result.
  3. I am running Windows 7 Professional build 7601. I assume those June 18 updates were to win 10, as my latest windows updates were June 12. I had said though that there had been no updates at or close to the Friday/Saturday (June 21/22) range when things went from business as usual to unusual issues. Pinging the server gives a ping in the 81-85 ms range, normalized at 83 ms. A tracert gives 12 hops with latencies in the 76-83 ms range, with two timed out pings immediately before the server which I am assuming are firewalls.
  4. I have heard no other people in the Help channel mention this, and when I asked in that channel, a couple of people said they had had the issue, but it went away by itself. However, as I have made no changes to my own system, and no windows update has occurred during the time the issue began, it seems wise to ask on a wider scope. Have been playing CoH without issue through the last week since I heard about it and installed. There are always minor latency problems, but well within the scope of any normal online game. On Saturday (June 22), I started having issues with using powers which also seemed to affect graphics. Instead of trying to explain, I will try to detail a standard fight to illustrate the problem. Assumed, I am playing a basic tank character with three primary offensive melee powers and two situational ones. I hit 1 for my first attack, it greys out. Nothing happens on the screen outside of normal non combat animations. I hit 2 for my second attack, it greys out. Nothing happens on the screen, outside of normal animations. I would normally hit 1 for my first attack again, as it would have refreshed by this point, but it is still grey, so I hit 3 for my third attack. The graphics of the enemy being hit by the first and second attacks suddenly show, the 1 and 2 attack keys refresh, the enemy hit bar refreshes. I do a handful of normal "combat rounds" without issue, then the issue begins again. It can sometimes continue to lag in this fashion for a couple of "combat rounds" before returning to roughly normal. The issue is not limited to combat. I can occasionally run into it when toggling a power or using the Rest key, where either the toggle will show a highlight (red circle around the onscreen button) which will continue to be displayed, or when restoring health and such with Rest, I will hit the Rest button again to exit that state and nothing will happen for several seconds until the latency problem resolves. Unfortunately, the issue is a bit hard on normal play, since the enemy hitbar refresh always applies to my own, as I can display full hits and then suddenly drop to ten percent hits displayed. Should the issue occur when I am trying to use a Green or a Defensive consumeable (apologies, as my recent return to the game has caused me to forget what the F1 to F5 consumed resources are called at the moment) it may not resolve for eight or ten seconds. On top of that, it sometimes seems like the server does not accurately know where I am or where my enemies are located in a zone, so I can be fighting an enemy who will be popping all around me during the fight, or I will decide I am in over my head and start to run, ten seconds later I am dead and back on the spot I had left ten seconds earlier, with no indication in my combat box as to what killed me, as I am not aware the latency issue has occurred (or occasionally turning to run and finding I am unable to move for eight or ten seconds while the server or my client catches up to what I am doing). I assumed on Saturday and Sunday that there was simply a higher server load causing some problem, so I shrugged and did my best to keep ahead of the xp debt, but as the issue has continued through today, and seems to be more frequent than on the weekend, I am less certain that is the cause. Again, few others seem to be getting this, but I cannot find anything that has changed between Friday and Saturday on my computer, so I am looking for external causes at present. My internet connection has remained stable through the weekend, with a single glitch on the routing history over the last three days, lasting under half an hour. It was suggested that video might be the problem and as a result I lowered my graphic settings from Ultra to High, but the issue neither resolved, nor decreased in frequency. Any insight is appreciated, as I have enjoyed five of the last eight days I have been playing. Regrettably, having to get every bar of xp twice due to the frequency of deaths causing permanent xp debt is not something I believe I can continue to do with any enjoyment.
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