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  1. I love my plant trolls and this is a good point, the flytrap splashes out immobs like candy (and this is not a bad thing). Staying back is one way to counter that on those types of teams, and quitting the team is another approach . . . one I tend to prefer. Who wants to be on a team with some lunatic freaking out that some minions got immob'd by a flytrap? (Not me.). The whole mish is RUINED, DOOOOM awaits the team with errant immobs! Hmph. Please, spare me. I'll just find another team.
  2. No need. Ice doesn't have rains except for your nuke (oh, and I guess there's Ice Storm, but I don't take that--can't stand it, though others swear by it). Does BR even have a rain? I'm not sure since I've never rolled one, but don't ditch your toons just because someone mentions something that may not even apply to your build (i.e. rains, in this case).
  3. Some sleeps like Flash Freeze, Frozen Aura, and Will Domination also deal damage, so they can be useful in a fight, even if the targets are awakened. I prefer not to lead with them when on a team, but if the team is moving faster than my "main" aoe powers can recharge, I'll drop it. Moderate damage is better than no damage at all, as they say.
  4. It takes time (and tons of influence) to slot out a toon and get it just the way you want it, so don't sweat it. Thankfully, on HC, we have so many respecs dropped on us, that we can tweak our builds multiple times! My old ice/ice/ice blaster has certainly benefited from the HC revival; I never did revisit her build on live, even with all the new stuff we could add (powers, IO sets, etc.). I just didn't think I could improve her, but I did on HC because I just kept doing different stuff with her build until I got it the way I want it. Well, okay, there are SOME tweaks I still intend to mak
  5. I don't have much experience with /plant (my /plant blaster is still low lvl at 20ish and not ice. I think she may be energy, but I can't recall off-hand), but I think that /plant might do more damage depending how you slot. If you slot the vines and strangler for damage and acc, then go heavy on slotting for debuff (and acc, of course) in your toxins and spore burst, you can probably do more damage than I do with only my /ice secondary. Again, this is just me guessing, so take it for what it's worth. Though I must admit, I now want to roll and ice/plant just to see! :P
  6. Yay! Dacy is back in business! I love your videos and tips and tricks, Dacy, and I especially love that you don't expect your viewers to already be adept at base building.
  7. My all-time favorite solo toon, up to and past 50, is my ice/ice/ice blaster. As others noted, she does mad damage and has some really good holds/mitigation. I did all the blueside mishes via Ouro on live and am working my way through them all (blue, red, gold) here on HC. So so fun! Sure, there are times you have to do more than run in and start blasting (or leading with your aoe's), but that's part of the fun. Do you need to drop your ice patch in a doorway, then pull the minions away from the AV, so they flop around on your ice patch and make a great fish in barrel situation for your B
  8. I run away from Fusionetta as fast as I can, and then I laugh when she shouts "Lost!". She can be fun, but what a pain in the butt on maps with baddies on multi-levels or whatever, she just flies off and gets herself killed. So I just leave her behind (or save her last).
  9. The ones I've out-leveled. Otherwise, I just do them all (or wait until my sg mates are on to help out if I can't manage it on my own for whatever reason).
  10. Agree! We lost at least one regular SG-mate and Troll Tuesdays regular (he did Troll teams back on live, too) when he couldn't post his videos any longer. I don't know how to get in touch with him off the boards (he moved to another--and obviously inferior--COH provider. I hope he learns of this somehow and comes back!
  11. Secondary seemed to be fine, so I could nature the hell out of the team but not do any damage or control mobs Or function AS AN MM. If I wanted to run a support toon, I would (and in fact, do, but even my supports have defensive and offensive powers that don't disappear when I ding a new level). So yeah, I could still use my secondary, but how happy would you be to learn that once you ding a new level you are stuck with only your secondary powers because all your primary powers went grey? So happy, right? But yeah, I should have just stood there and natured at my teammates because that's wh
  12. No, the team leader didn't ding a new level, just me. All my pets died in the middle of a battle (when I dinged), so I just ran away. Luckily, I could get away and not die and pile up death debt through no fault of my own. After all, if I was on my blaster and dinged a new level, I wouldn't have the same punch, but I'd at least have my powers. To all: Sorry, no one is going to convince me that completely stripping an MM of powers on level is a good thing. It may be the way things work or whatever, but it's NOT the way things work for any other AT. No other AT has their power
  13. So I have my water/poison corr all ready to go on Thursday, quite excited as this is a totally new thing for me (corr and poison are totes new). Very much looking forward to seeing how it goes!
  14. Um, it only happened to me that once, too. I was horrified to find myself completely unable to support my team or do anything (but run away and recast my pets). Through no fault of my own. This should NEVER happen is my point. Oh, gee, that one time we almost defeated X, but then that damned MM dinged a level, all pets died, and well, we just had t do it over. Or in other cases, that MM was tanking great, until he dinged new level, and the team wiped. This is a STUPID function and must be fixed.
  15. Hee, the no one is conspiring against you though made me laugh Thanks! I do know that, silly boots, but at the same time, what toon do you run that literally loses its viability upon leveling? In the middle of a battle? Is it really crazy to think that I can get through an entire battle/mish with my pets not freaking ALL poof-dying at once?
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