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  1. Tahliah

    The Tailor? Really?

    As a fellow badger, I understand your desire to earn the badge. Since you aren't into multiple costumes, just pick a slot, random the costume, add colors to your powers (these can be expensive), make the colors apply across all powersets, pay. Rinse, repeat. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two for each new costume. This is what I am planning to do now that I have all the costumes I actually want and still have a couple slots left over. [edit to add: so I just logged on to check, and it turns out the "random" option is not available at the tailor. So, new plan, select one of the premade options and then add auras, capes, wings, anything available that doesn't show up on the generic. I'll probably just go down the whole generic list making each costume and adding whatever extras. Changing colors adds to the cost, so do that on all your powers, including travel, incarnate, etc. Ditto size, gender. Click, click. It's done. Since you won't be saving/using these costumes, just randomly click two colors and apply across all costume/powersets.] Your badge-earning 50 mil random costume will be great to keep for fun (they're often quite strange, amusing, and/or hideous 😉). We can all meet up at a badger summit and show off our badge-earning random creation! Hee!
  2. I can see the OP's point, and to a degree, I've also been a bit resistant to SOME of the easy. For myself. So I've made it a point to work on the fieldcrafter the old-fashioned way (still don't have it, but when I finally get it, I'll be so happy!!), to run some of my toons through cape "unlocks" (yes, oddly, I missed that . . . but not enough to do it on every single toon), and I'll sometimes go to WW's just because I want to. There are usually people there, especially in AP, but it's not like WW's was jam-packed on live, either, and when it was, it was mostly annoying (auras, pets, auto-powers--including my own auto-hasten, and etc.). I even ran the Montague arc to get the MIdnighter badge. Once. It was enough. Choosing to do these things is fun and good. Forcing everyone to go back is neither fun nor good. I'm not building community by earning my fieldcrafter or by going to WW's. As others have noted, no one notices (in a good way) what's going on around them at WW's (or doing a respec when you can't see anyone, anyway). What's to be gained by taking these things away from people? I guess that's the part of these proposals I don't quite get. So everyone has to go to WW's and . . . what? You get to see people at WW's? What about that is good for you? Is it just seeing people? I see them all the time all over the City. If you're lonely, go sit in AP for a while, it's always crowded (quite often to the point of lag) or head over to Talos or PI, both zones are always hopping, esp. PI with the Halloween event going on. There are plenty of places you can go to see people, so rather than force the people to come to you, why not head over to where they are? As to the DFB taking people out of the Hollow and KR . . . doesn't that seem to by dying down a bit now that we've all been back a while (and presumably have rebuilt at least our mains) and with the xp nerf? I am always seeing LFG messages for Frostfire in particular and the Hollows in general. I don't see much call for KR, but I pretty much avoided KR on live, too, though I did go there to get my radio (for some reason). If you want to run KR arcs, just post to LFG, and I'm sure that people will join you. I think it was @Megajoulewho said it best. To paraphrase, the game has changed, and while we can go home again (thankfully), it's not going to be exactly the same. What ever is? That said, I've heard that there are servers out there that are running COX pretty close to how it was at shutdown. Maybe that's your bag? Me? I'm happy here at Homecoming and will continue to add slog for myself when I want it and not try to force everyone else to join me in my masochism. 😇 But yeah, I will secretly appreciate my fieldcrafter more for having earned it. Do I want to do that on every toon? Um, no. I'll be buying them after this first one. Heck, on live, I would log out and craft on my main rather than earn it on other toons. It was easier to switch, craft (usually in WWs so I could ignore every person there while I focused on buying what I needed to craft for my alts), drop off the enh at base or email them, then log back into the alt. You know, I am so very glad those days are over! I wonder sometimes if we remember things as they really were or if we might sometimes romanticize them? Was earning a fieldcrafter really something people did on numerous toons? Or just on their badger and/or main? And if they did and still want to, they still can! That's the good thing about HC, they've given us options. I like options. A lot.
  3. Sounds good, go for it! Or anyone else can; it's all I can do to keep up with the one thread, so I won't be doing it. I do think it's a good idea, though. 👍
  4. Recruit your friends for damage-spewing planters! 🙂 Generally speaking, though, damage is a problem for plants until creepers and pets (and beyond, we're plant trolls). I was slotting Over Thyme for damage on plant, and I think that would have been great later (like with the purple sets), but we're still kind of low, and damage won't be there as if we're running all brutes or all blasters (which would bring its own set of problems).
  5. Tahliah


    I'm currently running Blizzard with DWD, and I love it. The damage is insane with aim and build up (and incarnate damage boosts), and the debuff is amazing. Anything that manages to survive is easily one-shotted with Bitter Ice Blast (or even with Ice Bolt). I'm finding it fun, but I haven't run it through mids or anything.
  6. I know! Let's do it next week for sure since we haven't had one since our first night.
  7. Our third all plant troll/dom team night was another raging and super fun success! We started out with five planters and then @Shoulungjoined us for the last few missions (yay!). We picked up where we left off in Faultline and completed Tremblor's, Yin's, and Doc's* arcs. Along the way we came across some strange Tentacles that looked like they needed "arresting," so we obliged. We ran into some slight trouble (read: team wipe) with Arachnos when we were ambushed from behind by quite the sizable mob of reds and purples while we were dealing with an equally sizable mob of reds and purples in front of us. It was a super fun time; well, maybe not the team wipe part, but the part where we regrouped and showed those wily Arachnos who was truly boss. This time, we wrecked them in short order. It was grand. Perhaps the glory we experienced upon our regroup is best captured in this paraphrase from one intrepid planter: "Now I am beginning to see the potential of an all-plant team!" Indeed. And just wait, there are TFs and AV arcs and so much more to come! As people had to head out in preparation for work the next morning, we decided to do a bank run. It was a hot mess, but totally fun to see us all try to work out how everyone "did" bank runs. Unsurprisingly, everyone has their own way to do banks/sides/badges, and when chaos ensued, it was pretty . . . well, chaotic. But again, we prevailed. There was no doubt that we would. Not wanting to get ahead of the people who had to get going for work the next day, we called it a night after that. It was getting late, anyway, so it was a good time to call it. Although we are a range of levels (reminder: all levels are welcome!), the ones who started on Week 1, Day 1 are now at level 22ish . . . and are very excited and anxious to get our creepers at lvl 26. Next Tuesday, we will be picking up in Faultline where we left off (with Agent G's first mish). Then we will be heading to Striga for some amazing fun in that zone. Wedding bands and warwolf whistles, anyone? . . . yeah, yeah, you can buy them, but how much more fun is it to earn them the old-fashioned way in one of the best zones with some of the best arcs in the game? On an all-plant troll/dom team? Since our plea for a plant/kin has so far gone unanswered, I said that I would roll one and get caught up so that I can be, among other helpful goodies, the SB provider an all plant team needs to thrive when leveling. Since I'll be supplying the "power" (i.e. endurance and recharge speed), Irresponsible Creeper thought that Power Plant would be a great name for my new plant/kin. Alas, some genius COXer already had that name, so I "stole" it by simply adding a period at the end: Power Plant. Woots! Poor old Over Thyme will therefore be shelved for the time being, I guess, though you may see her out and about since I was really starting to dig plant/time. Besides, who knows, maybe some interested party will decide they want to be the plant/kin hero and jump in to join our Parks and Wreck Tuesday Troll (and Dom) crew. Anyone wishing to join us on any plant troll/dom is welcome! Again, we meet on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior. Next week, we will start in Faultline, and you can contact us ingame by sending a tell to either me @Tahliah or to @StridingWind(or to anyone else you see posting or mentioned here). Not counting the planters who've joined us for only one night (so far), our plant troll/dom roster includes: Termite /nature, Spring Fury /elec, California Raisin /sonic, Passing Wind /dark, Irresponsible Creeper /poison, and Over Thyme /time (soon to be replaced with Power Plant. /kin). Alas, I haven't a screenie to share this week, as once again, we didn't grab one. Next week, though, we'll make a point of it so that everyone can see us all in our gorgeous green glory. Edited to add: *While in that Doc Delilah mission with the scaffolding outside, a bot got tossed over the side and Doc being Doc dived after him. She was promptly killed (i.e. before I could even get down there after her). I don't recall her ever dying in her arcs before, so I was surprised the mission didn't fail. I was also very interested in what she would have to say to us when we called her after that mish. She just said what she always says, no "gee, I'm all dead and can't talk to you right now" or anything. It was a fun side note that I thought I would add since it's the first time I recall her dying in those "save Doc" missions.
  8. Gotcha, @ShoulungWe're an all plant troll/dom team, so we don't have a melee toon. The question then becomes how do we get through mobs without a traditional tank/brute/scrapper but with mad holds, confuse, debuffs? Should we really approach mobs on an all plant troll /dom team as we might a pick up team with random abilities in which a tank or healer might be key? Something to think about.
  9. Tahliah

    Best for Solo?

    On hover and blasters: get it. Keep it. Slot it. Love it. If you are soloing content, hover is your best friend in EB and AV fights. It's also pretty good to have when you are overwhelmed by baddies in melee range (and you will be). Stick an LOTG recharge in there along with whatever def IOs you want, and this is a golden power for blasters. You are ABOVE the fray both literally and figuratively), and you have juicy def / recharge bonuses. If you happen to be on an ice/ice blaster, you have the added bonus of a slow aura . . . just by being in the air. Additionally, drop your aoes, and the fliying baddies will sink to the ground (and if proc'd flop around in a funny funny way). If you want to be extra wily, drop your ice patch, hover above it, and then pick off the flopping baddies like fish in a barrel. There are a million uses for hover, and they are all good.
  10. Irresponsible Creeper added empowerment stations, so have at it! As to the strategy, that all sounds fine, but recharge on things like confusion is pretty quick, so it's not the end of the world if we all drop confuse at once or in near proximity. We are a troll/dom team, and with plant, we don't need a "tank." That's kind of the point of the team, actually. We skip the "needed" melee, taunt, dps ATs and just deal with plant troll powers. This happens, forgive the pun, organically. That said, if you are into tanking and want to do that, yay! No one's stopping you. As we level and need more strategy than the none we need now in our teens, we will obviously adapt, so it's great to be thinking about this!
  11. Not the OP, but . . . um, what? Your most fantastic of all-time costume won't be recognized as such by COX vets who've been rolling toons since beta? Duuuude??!! Chill out. If your costume is stand-out awesome, you can be standing in the darkest Mot cave and still win. Luckily, the CC is happening . . . where? What is the lighting there? Gee, let's think . . . . "I didn't win because it's too dark" = fail. You can call it OP fail if you like, I'm pretty sure they won't mind.
  12. Okay, so there's a fun game where we all pretend that what was said wasn't and then ask questions based on that? The answer is, yes, they are conducting the CC across all shards AT THE SAME TIME (explicitly noted in the OP), wrap your mind around that one! How is that possible?! Is it magic?! I demand to know naow. Further, the best costume from each shard will win specific shinies (explicitly noted in the OP). What is expected from you? Well, let's not look at the OP or anything, that might give too much away.
  13. Tahliah

    Best for Solo?

    YMMV, but the best blaster for soloing in my own experience is ice/ice. Superior dps, great holds/slows/mitigation. Pick your powers carefully, and there is no content you can't solo (excluding obvious stuff like GMs and trials). My ice/ice/ice blaster on live soloed every mish available via the Ouro ice crystal, and I'm working my way through them now on Homecoming. No problems so far.
  14. Tahliah


    Oh, and to answer the OP, if you're looking at a solo/badger, you have to go ice/ice. Its single-target focus makes it less optimal for teams, but OMG is it fun!
  15. Tahliah


    Interesting. Ice doesn't just slow, though that's a far more amazing power than many people seem to realize. I've been playing with amping blizzard's -tohit. In late game, our aoe damage isn't all the rocks it is in earlier game, but what about using the "nuke" as a debuff? It still does mad damage, esp with Aim and Build-up (plus IO set, incarnate, and even insp boosts), but slotted for -tohit, it's crazy more useful late game. Maybe. What do you think?
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