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  1. No worries, Doomguide! We only ran one more mish before we had to log for the night. It was great to run with you, and I'm glad you had fun. I did, too!
  2. That's wonderful, Antarticaa. We'll look for you on Tuesday! Welcome. 🙂
  3. Oh fgs, are you running out of nits to pick? I was just saying, in response to the OP, that if tanks aren't tanking, trolls aren't trolling . . . at least not the same way. What is hard about that? It's the same for blasters (my main/badger is a blaster). We don't blast the same way now, either, or didn't you notice that we are all playing our ATs differently now? Apparently just you missed the obvious, because you are the one who said you only troll one way, no matter what. Just the same as you always did. That's not applying common sense at all. Right? If my way is "common sense," then your way is not. But yeah, duh, what I do on whatever AT I am running is try to do the best I can given any team dynamic. The OP was very specific, so I responded to that. And then you took off into lala land.
  4. Wow. Really? Where does that come from? You are more than welcome to be a green plant lover with us! And as I said before, I think an all ice troll team would be awesome. I don't get this, and it makes me sad. :(
  5. This is so interesting to me! I tend to adapt to team dynamics and try to work with what the team is doing. For example, if there is an old-school tanker, I will wait until he has herded the mob, then drop my immobs/holds. If I'm playing on a team that is just steamrolling everything, I will focus more on my secondary set (whatever it is, it will be more useful to steamrolling teams than my controls. Obviously, I will troll random baddies that get too close to the squishies, but mostly, steamrolling teams don't need that backup). I can't imagine playing any of my trolls (and I have many) the exact same way no matter what the team dynamic. What if you have a team that is tankless or tank/brute/scrapper heavy or that is all squishies? How do you run your troll the exact same way? I'm so interested in this!
  6. Our fourteenth all Plant Troll (and Dom!) team night was an absolute blast from beginning to end. We had a total of ten amazing planters show up, though two new members of the Parks and Wreck crew arrived after we had already started the Penelope Yin tf, but we were able to team with them after that amazing run. We started the night with a full team of eight plant trolls and doms and absolutely wrecked the Yin tf. We had so much fun with our planty greatness; there were vines and creepers and buffs and debuffs and mushrooms galore. It was gorgeous, and we just rolled through the whole tf like a well-oiled (watered?) machine (well, an organic "machine," naturally). It was on like Donkey Kong, and we were so in sync that a couple of planters marveled at how much fun we were having and how well we were all working together. It really was a bit magical. And completely awesome good fun! Here we are being fabulous: And here is our post-Yin glow group shot. If we look a little pleased with ourselves . . . well, we were! Heh. That was one awesome all plant troll and dom team, let me tell you! So after we completed that tf (it's super short, so it didn't take long even though we managed to kill pretty much anything and everything that moved), a couple of gracious planters headed out to make room for our new Parks and Wreck crew members. And did they bring it! We headed to Founder's Falls for some radios and the bank mission, and again, we vined and creepered and wrecked our way through everything that came at us. It seemed that we fought a wide variety of COH baddies at one time or another last night: Freaks, Council, Fifth Column, Clocks, Nemesis, Carnies, oh my! And they all fell before our freakishly awesome planty wrath. I have to say, too, that I got a huge kick out of seeing a gaggle (a "bunch"?) of flytraps scurrying along on their little stems, bobbing their fearsome giant heads and twitching their baddie-gobbling mouths. Okay, sure, there were some points at which we had to get creative in getting past them as they crowded a doorway or two, but we were so on our game, that we just zoomed around and found another way out (or in, as the case may be). I also want to point out that we have a YouTube celebrity in our sg. I kid you not! Two of our newest Parks and Wreckers actually joined our sg and ran with us last night because they had seen our very own Termite (aka @Gregg247) talking about our super group and his awesome plant/nature troll on YouTube. How. Cool. Is. That.? Of course, as soon as we concluded the night, I had to go find the vids myself, and there he was reviewing his planter and showing off his fabulous powers, including, it must be said, an amazing voice that is perfect for narrating videos or pretty much anything. I'll let him share his YouTube identity if he wishes, but it was so fun to learn that Termite has fans (other than his Parks and Wreck sg mates, who were already his fans, let's face it). Okay, so we are now halfway to our Task Force Commander accolade. Three down, three to go! Next week, we will tackle Citadel, so if you are thinking of joining us, please do! The minimum level for Cit is 25, so that is something to consider if you need to grab a few levels between now and then. We will meet in Talos on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior. If you are interested in joining us on our ongoing plant troll (and dom!) gardening adventures, do it! You can just show up next week and shout out in Talos that you are there and want in, you can join our Parks and Wreck chat channel and let anyone there know you want to join the sg or the weekly fun, or send an ingame (or forum message) to me @Tahliahor to our Parks and Wreck sg leader Irresponsible Creeper @GreenAx. It's really that easy, and we are very welcoming, so don't be shy! Grab or roll your plant troll (or dom) and come join the fun!
  7. Heh, so I'm guessing you have Yin on Neverglade? If we have room, you are MORE than welcome. Always. :)
  8. Just a quick update on this one. I have been super swamped at work lately and haven't been able to get on COH, so imagine my surprise when I finally logged on yesterday and found that this guy had sent me $100 million influence for my lousy $1 million. I was utterly gob-smacked, and super grateful as my coffers were depleted. (Not that I minded, I can always earn more, and giving is so fun!) I almost felt bad taking it since I was the one who was on a Marine X mission to spread Holiday Cheer, but how rude would it have been to turn it down? Besides, I felt all warm and fuzzy seeing such kindness. I'm guessing he must be a farmer or something to have so much to share with someone he doesn't even know! I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas and great New Year! I'm all set now to get some holiday cheer spreading going this year, so I can't wait!!
  9. Just a reminder that the all plant troll (and dom) team will be meeting tonight in Independence Port for the Penelope Yin (lvl 20+) task force. We are on our way to our Task Force Commander accolade. Woots! We will meet tonight in IP at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior. As we are doing a tf, the minimum level to join us is 20. As a heads up, we will be doing the remaining TFC task forces in the coming weeks, and they, too, have minimum level requirements: January 21st: Citadel, level 25+ January 28th: Manticore, level 30+ February 4th: Numina, level 35+ All plant trolls (and doms) are welcome to join our sg at any level, but do note that our "official" Troll Tuesdays for the next several weeks will entail the TFC task forces, which do have level requirements. If you want to join us, any of us will be happy to run with you and help you gain levels, or you can pop a 2xp and get your farm on. Whatever you prefer is just fine with us! After that, on February 11th, we are going to do unlock the patron pool. You don't have to be lvl 35 to run the patron arc with us; once you hit lvl 35, it will be unlocked for you. For this, we will all need to hit Null the Gull in Pocket D to switch alignments, but that's just a couple clicks to do and then undo after. As an aside, the Weekly Strike target this week is Synapse, so it was raining Synapse tfs when I was on yesterday. Nice! I ended up hopping on a pug from LFG and got my Synapse badge and merits . . . and all that lovely xp. So I am all caught up now and raring to go tonight for Yin and then whatever wreckage we decide to do after that short tf. If you are interested in joining us for tonight's Yin tf, it's easy! We welcome all plant trolls (and doms), so just show up in IP and shout out or join our Parks and Wreck chat channel and let us know you are there and want to join in the plant troll fun. Or you can send a tell to me @Tahliahor to @GreenAxand we will get you squared away in no time.
  10. Okay, Planters, sorry for my absence lately. I've been working crazy long hours and haven't been able to make it for the past two weeks. Happily our illustrious and ever-fabulous sg leader Irresponsible Creeper / @GreenAxhas had my back (as always). I'm behind by one on our TFC accolade task forces, so I will run Synapse at some point before we finish our TFC tf festivities. Here's our schedule for the coming weeks: January 14th: Penelope Yin, level 20+ (this is a short one, so we will likely also do some missions/radios/etc.) January 21st: Citadel, level 25+ January 28th: Manticore, level 30+ February 4th: Numina, level 35+ If you haven't already done Posi (the old-school or 1 and 2 version) and/or Synapse, no worries, you can do those anytime to get caught up and for xp and merits! I still need Synapse, so you can hit me up @Tahliahfor that one since I'll be running it on an "off" (i.e. non-Troll Tuesday) night. On Tuesday, we will be meeting in IP for the Yin tf at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior. It's a short tf, so depending on everyone's levels (min level for Yin is 20), we may do another short tf like the ITF or Hess or bang out some radios or just do story arc mishes. Whatever we do after the tf will be amazing fun because all plant troll/dom team! Heh.
  11. I missed Synapse, too, VV! 😞 Maybe we can get together and form a team to run it separately to ensure we get our TFC accolade. Hit me up in-game. I'm running a plant/kin, too, so I'll keep you SB'd to help with your end, no worries. I think it's a great idea to run a patron arc, so that is going straight on our list of things to do when we finish our TFC accolade! Woots!
  12. Lord Pan, what a great name! I can't wait to "meet" you on Tuesday!
  13. That's awesome! When you guys get out of Praetoria, be sure to send a tell to either me @Tahliah or to our Parks and Wreck sg leader @GreenAxand we can get you in the sg and ready to run with our all-planter troll/dom team! Also, you can /chanjoin our Parks and Wreck chat channel, and anyone on will help you! We have a great group and welcome all new planters with open stems!
  14. I run trolls, and I have found that tanks just aren't tanking like they used to. In fact, there are a lot of forum posts that berate tanks for . . . tanking. In the old days, tanks would round up mobs and get them all nicely grouped, trolls would lock them down, and the dps toons would take them out. Tanks are now being told they are useless and the skills/powers they have are not needed. This means they aren't tanking that way anymore, so trolls aren't trolling that way anymore. My COH BFF runs a tank, and he can tank the old-school way with the best of them, so when I am on his team, I troll the "right" way. But frankly, most of the times, tanks aren't tanking. So trolls aren't trolling. At least not the way they used to. Slam me with a one star if you wish, but unless you are running a tank who taunts and groups mobs, you can't expect others to meet your old-style requirements. If you are such a tank, let the team know you are tanking in that manner, and we trolls stand ready to back you up.
  15. I've never played WoW, but I get your point about not driving cars into buildings. I have a habit of turning off fly when I enter Portal Corp, for instance, because it seems weird/rude to fly inside. I do fly/hover inside mishes, though, including those in buildings. Go figure. I know that is not sensible, but it's what I do. I also did this in SWTOR, but that made more sense since you have actual vehicles there.
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