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  1. No, but then I am typically doing content arcs, TFs, or something that would shake such a character unless they were really keen and just lurked outside missions until we came out. That would be very weird, but totally amusing. We'd all laugh our butts off, I'm sure! @ArchVileTerror I'm not a fan of the "nudgers," but I just assume they have real life issues that they need to vent by nudging my character. If it makes them feel better in some small, petty way, shrug. It's all good. I've gotten to the point now that I don't even move out of the way, just let them nudge my toon around until they get bored with it (unless I have somewhere to be; I wouldn't keep a team/tf waiting to indulge some passive aggressive's need to be annoying).
  2. I mostly just do some of the old school stuff when I am soloing, so I'll take the train or the boat to whatever zone and leisurely fly to the mission door. I tend not to do this on teams just because I miss half the mission taking my sweet old time. :P I do now grab a travel at lvl 7, but I like content, so I will do the Hollows, Striga, Faultline, Croatoa, etc. on some toons (while others will do the tfs to level rather than doing them later for the TFC). I'm not crazy about the content available in the 30s and 40s, so I will often just do the tf then to get through them. That said, some of the newer Bricks arcs are a lot of fun. It's very very rare that I will farm any toon, though I have when I needed to get to a certain level for an sg thing or to do a tf (farm from 30 to 35 for ITF, etc.). Otherwise, I just take my time and enjoy the journey. As to IOs, sets, procs: yes, I use them, but I did on live, too (though obviously not when I first started playing). But I don't use them in every alt I roll (I have a lot of alts). That said, there is one exception: recovery procs. Inherent fitness made me happy, so I don't care to revisit the end-sucking days of resting after every single mob and having to turn off sprint to fight Frostfire, and I am happy to slot the recovery procs asap on end-heavy alts. It may not be old-school, but it greatly improves my enjoyment of the content. Typically, I don't "set up" until I get an alt to 50 . . . mostly because 90-95% of my alts won't ever make it to 50, and I'd rather invest the time, energy, influence, etc. in alts that I know won't sit there for a year or two gathering dust. Most of the time I just buy DOs or SOs not because I am trying to play old-school, but because I can't be bothered to craft or fiddle with the auction house to buy IO's. I might grab them from the base if there are some there that I can use and I think about it. Ultimately, if I'm enjoying a toon, she'll get IO/set/slotting attention at some point. I definitely don't miss having to run origin contact arcs to unlock the ability to buy SOs; if we still had to do that I might do it once or twice for nostalgia's sake, but I'd just use IOs (like I did on live) instead on most alts. There are some old-school things I do still do on some alts, the costume and cape mishes and the Midnighters arc come to mind, but I am glad we don't HAVE to do them anymore. They did get old if you rolled a lot of alts (and I did), so I prefer doing that stuff when I want to not because it's a milestone I have to do to get a cape or to get to Cim, etc. As someone noted above, we do still have milestones, they are just different now (except things like Levantra's arc to get Vanguard merits). All that said, the forums have a LOT of players who miss the old-school stuff and often post about it in various threads. I think there is an appetite for an "old school" sg if you wanted to set one up and run it. They would come. I would probably roll an alt for such an sg (depending on the requirements set by the sg leaders). I certainly wouldn't mind a whole team running a tf and taking the tram rather than using base portals or ouro (before obtaining via a mish arc, anyway). Though I might change my mind if the sg did shard tfs that take eight hours without everyone having team tp. 😛
  3. My current fave five: Ice Ice Baby. --ice/ice blaster (just all-around fun, powerful and awesome fun to play) Peace Pack -- beast/nature mm (I used to love my demon/dark, but this one edges her out lately) Wylde Childe -- rad/plant blaster (newish and therefore interesting and fun--love the spines!) Power Plant -- plant/kin troll (love to play her with the all plant troll sg) Trapper Jayne -- plant/emp troll (nostalgia brings me back to her again and again) hon mention: Lil Sprite -- water/kin corr (haven't played her lately, but so fun!)
  4. Pretty much anything I do on my main (an ice/ice blaster). She's so fun to play and I just feel so happy and superhero-y when I'm running her. :) I also get that feeling, though, just entering AP and hearing the music or flying around on any alt or seeing an alt (esp one with a cape) lift off in a jump-to-fly maneuver. Street sweeping in AP on a new roll also does it for me, saving citizens from purse-snatching goons is always a super hero moment.
  5. I'd not heard "steamroll" used in that sense, but it sounds like what people mean when they say "kill most." Kill all is kill all, speed is hit the objectives and get out, and kill most is kill everything in the way to complete the mish (my preferred method). "Steamroll" to me means just plow through and cause carnage, not necessary following "old" play rules where tankers herd, trolls wait for herd to be positioned before locking them down, etc. and etc. (Seems few teams do it that way anymore, for good or ill.) In my understanding, then, "steamrolling" can be done in both kill alls and in kill mosts. But it makes sense the way you describe it, too: steamroll through mobs to the end of the mish.
  6. Someone up thread said "incarnate," and that is what I would like to see, as well. More things for incarnates to do as incarnates, more arcs, more storylines, incarnate level task and/or strike forces (i.e. not trials requiring a league), or yeah, why not a new itrial that is specific to KW? Incarnate tips and radios would also be nice to have in the zone (not sure if the tips would work since they are available in every zone). Really just any endgame stuff for our incarnates to do that is not DA or a Trial would be very very welcome. Some kind of incarnate communicator thing to achieve the same goal as radios / tips, maybe? Moar incarnate content (anywhere, really, like in Galaxy City . . . but in KW would be awesome).
  7. We had a rollicking fun-filled set of adventures last night, and we made a new friend and new member of our Parks and Wreck crew, as well! Celebration! We had eleven planters show up (not counting our new member who didn't run with us last night), and while we were dithering with splitting into two teams, we chatted about what we wanted to do. We ended up deciding, no surprise, on the ITF. We were already in Cim, and that does seem to be our "go to" tf since it's a fun one, relatively short, and just challenging enough to keep everyone interested and on our toes/roots. We split into two teams, one of six and one of five, and set off. We have posted lost of pics of us in the ITF, but here's one with an outside view for a change (this is the five-plant troll/dom team): And here's one on the Rom platform . . . we are so gorgeous! And pretty deadly. After that amazing good time, a few people had to get going, so we formed one team and ran the Sister Solaris arc. It was really fun, and I think that part of that was that it is just so different. I haven't done that arc very much--maybe a couple times on live and once on Homecoming, so that "newness" was welcome. To me, at least. I got a kick out of not knowing (remembering, really, heh) we were going to be whisked away to a ship and have to battle a mini Lusca. I did have a vague memory of the mission once I saw the tentacles, but it's not like the ITF where you just move along pretty much on autopilot. It was awesome to enter a mish and not know exactly what to do or where to go. It also went a long way to showing our plant troll (and dom) team's stuff. We didn't miss a beat and just plowed right through everything and had a marvelous time. And here we are basking in finishing up the penultimate arc in the incarnate DA story: Over all, a marvelous mix of the "old" and the "new," and a good time was had by all. Next week, we have the Dream Doctor's arc in DA, so we will be in for a challenge on that one. Wee!! If you are interested in joining our all plant troll (and dom) teams, do it! We run our 50s on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior and will be meeting next week in Dark Astoria. We run our leveling planters--now lvl 21ish--on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior and will meet tomorrow in Steel Canyon to finish up the Midnighter Arc and to run Posi 2 (not necessarily in that order). To join, simply grab your plant troll or dom and show up in the zone we are meeting and shout out in local or to any plant troll/dom you see in the zone. Or you can send a tell to our Parks and Wreck sg leader @GreenAx or to me @Tahliah. Or you can join our Parks and Wreck chat channel and let us know you are there (shout out), and we will get you added to our team, and your planter to our sg if you wish. So many ways to join up with us, and all so easy to do! Don't be shy, either, you will be very welcome among our great crew!
  8. Oh, I didn't even think about changing the key bind. Great, thanks! I'll give it a try. :)
  9. Your pictures are awesome! I need to figure out how to take them on my lappie since Print Screen doesn't work right. In the meantime, keep snapping those awesome plant pics!
  10. As @Antarticaanotes, we had a marvelous time on our Thursday leveling plant troll/dom team adventures! We had five planters show up, and we ran Graham Easton's arc before deciding that it would be fun to run the Posi I tf. And it was fun! We had a fun-filled, all plant troll (and dom) time cruising through the tf. Interestingly, and once again, we were convinced that the sims would be our undoing. And we were wrong. Again. We had a harder time getting the City Hall door open (ended up being a random flier), but we mopped the floor with our doppelgangers without breaking a sweat. It just goes to show, I think, how truly different and sometimes challenging an all-plant troll (and dom) team can be. The big challenges for mixed teams are a breeze for our team/s, but those things that mixed teams steam through can sometimes take more thought and planning for an all plant troll/dom team. It did not, of course, take any thought or planning to rescue Azuria: After our good time running Posi 1, a few planters decided to bail, but the rest of us were ready for some more wreckage. Our sg leader @GreenAxwas on Irresponsible Creeper, and he suggested that we do the Midnighter Arc from Montague Castanella. Well, the throwback was too good to pass up . . . even though it meant dealing with CoT. Heh. We used to have to do this arc to unlock Cim, but since we can get the badge via Night Ward, I haven't bothered with it too much. But I love the arc, even as I gripe CoT and . . .especially about Lady Jane, whose sole mission appears to be getting herself and the team dead as quickly as possible. We didn't get too far into the arc and haven't rescued her yet, but I doubt she'll be successful in aggroing a team wipe with an all-plant troll (and dom) team! We got to lvl 20-21 and will be meeting in Steel next Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior to finish up the Midnighter arc and to do the Posi 2 tf for our first Task Force Commander badge. Any plant troll/dom of any level is welcome to join us for one night or many! It's easy to join our planty goodness! Just send a tell to @GreenAx or to me @Tahliah, or you can join our Parks and Wreck chat channel to be added for one run or many! You can also show up in Steel Canyon next Thursday at 9 p.m. EST and shout out in local or send any plant troll (or dom) in the zone a tell. Anyone will be so happy to help you and to get you situated in the sg, if you wish, or just for the fun plant troll goodness. One note on this: We definitely, absolutely, and totally want your plant troll or dom in our sg and/or on our all plant troll/dom teams. If you send a tell when our sg is not running all plant troll/dom events and we are on a non-Parks and Wreck alt, please be patient. I do respond to all tells, but if I am in a tf on my main (as an example of one of my alts not in this sg--she's an ice blaster), I can't in good conscience quit or log to invite a new planter. This does not mean you are unwelcome, it just means I'm in a tf and can't bail on those folks (as I'm sure you wouldn't want me to bail on your tf just to invite a planter to an sg that another alt is in). If I'm in a tf on a Parks and Wreck alt, I can add you immediately, though, so don't be shy and don't give up! Neither I nor @GreenAxwould ever fail to invite any interested plant troll (or dom) to our sg! We just might not be able to do it that minute. We are always on Parks and Wreck planters on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our regular time for sure, so you can definitely catch us then! Or just add the Parks and Wreck chat channel to let anyone there know you are there; you still may need to be patient, but there are going to be more sg members in the chat, and some may be on or able to quickly switch to Parks and Wreck planters. Just shout out, we have an amazing crew!
  11. Last night's all plant troll (and dom) team was fantastic fun and had a little something for everyone! We had a total of 11 planters show up throughout the night, but we never had more than eight at any given time. As we were forming our team, we chatted about what to do this week since we hadn't decided last week due to the sadness of our Miss Liberty tf failure. That still stings, but we're working on our strategy for beating that pesky old crab arms Lord Recluse. Enough of that, so we decided to do the Citadel tf since it is the weekly, and we all need more goodies for our incarnate trees. We were at seven members and awaiting one more we knew was coming, and what do you know, the Rikti chose that time to invade Talos Island. Perfect! We needed to finish our bombs and other invasion badges, besides FUN! So we zoomed around Talos destroying bombs then went to the hill to fight Rikti. There were a lot of heroes present, and our all troll team (by now we were full at eight) was kicking it. As that started to die out, we headed over to Cit and got that tf rolling. We'd done it before, of course, so it went as expected (except we had to bump up the diff a bit because really, heh). So we got our double merits and our Notice and were a team of incarnate plant trolls and doms ready to take on the missions in Dark Astoria. We finished up Duncan's arc, and had so much fun! The CoT cave maps used for a lot of the DA missions are ridiculously dark. I'm not sure if that's supposed to make it more creepy or more difficult, but mostly it just makes it more annoying. By the end of the night, my eyes were feeling the strain (guess I'm not as young as I was when I first started playing CoX!). I found myself getting giddily happy every time someone dropped ice patch and lit up the area a little bit! We persevered and just had a marvelous time wrecking through the missions. Here we are getting all buffed up to take on Diabolique. I guess we thought she'd be difficult or something, but she wasn't for our team. Once we finished Duncan's arc, we were all ready to call it a night. I know I was ready to build some more incarnate power tiers with all the goodies I raked in over the course of the evening! We earned merits, incarnate xp, a Notice of the Well, lots of incarnate threads (and a few shards), influence, vet levels, and not a few badges. It was a marvelous night! Next week we will be meeting in Cimerora for Sister Solaris' arc. We meet on our level 50s every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior server. Anyone who has a level 50 plant troll (or plant dom) is welcome to join us! If we're not doing something specifically for level 50s (like a tf or trial), lower levels are also welcome to join us on Tuesdays. To do so, send a tell to our Parks and Wreck supergroup leader @GreenAxor to myself @Tahliah; join our Parks and Wreck chat channel and let us know you want to join the sg or just run with us without doing that; or show up in Cim next week and shout out to any plant troll / dom and let us know you're there and ready for some all plant troll team fun! It's that easy!
  12. Our Thursday plant troll (and dom!) leveling team was fun! We had seven planters show up. It was a bit weird since we welcome all levels on Thursdays, so we decided it would be fun to run a DFB for one of our new lvl 1 planters. And it WAS fun! Then another super low planter joined, yay!, and we decided not to do the DFB again but to march on with Steel content instead. I have to pause here to say, that this was one fine looking group (myself excluded since my costume is just planty purple and uninspired, but) check us out! Seriously good costumes, right? We have a Bad Seed, can you spot her? And a Standin inyourgarden, you can spot that gnome in a flash! So fun! Everyone just looked so incredible and really getting into the whole plant troll/dom theme! Sigh. Anyway, we did run into a bit of trouble on a regular mission arc, if you can imagine. We just ran our incarnates on Tuesday, so I think we sort of forgot that there's a huge difference between a level 50 plant troll all rocked out to T3 (at least) and level 15s slugging along in Steel Canyon. It was crazy, but we quickly, after a couple of team wipes, fixed that particular problem. Heh. Here we are being amazing: An all plant troll (and dom) team is truly remarkable and fun in a very unique way. Things that matter so much to other teams (tanks, dps, healz) don't to us because we are our own tanks, dps, heals, and de/buffs. One planter was struck by the fact that we don't really care about mob placement or herding or . . . . much. We are chaos, and we love it! We just lock them down and wipe them out. It's a whole new way to play that often strikes our new planters, hopefully inspiring new ways to play and have a blast when the norms are thrown out the window. Our Thursday plant troll (and dom) leveling team is currently at level 17, and we are set to pick up in Steel with Graham Easton's arc. If we have enough planters who are at least level 8, we would prefer to do the Posi TFs and get started on our Task Force Commander accolade. That said, any level is welcome to join on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior for our all plant troll (and dom) adventures. We are lvl 17, though all level plant trolls (and doms) are welcome, and we will be meeting in Steel Canyon next Thursday. It's easy to join our planty goodness! Just send a tell to @GreenAx or to me @Tahliah, or you can join our Parks and Wreck chat channel to be added for one run or many! You can also show up in Steel Canyon next Thursday at 9 p.m. EST and shout out in local or send any plant troll (or dom) in the zone a tell. Anyone will be so happy to help you and to get you situated in the sg, if you wish, or just for the fun plant troll goodness.
  13. Interesting thread, and it's good know I'm not alone in some of my weirdness. Heh. I sort my characters by level, and within the level by AT (damage/control/support). Since reading a post in the forums about people upset that they don't see anyone in Wentworth's, I make it a point of going there (unless I am just dumping salvage between missions or only need one little thing). I have specific places to log out for day jobs and do it on every toon (on top of the tram, on top of WWs, on top of a tomb in the cemetery, off to the side of the vators in the hosp, and etc.). If I am soloing, I will swim across water to distant mish doors rather than fly. I just love the look of my toons swimming, especially those with pets (so cute to see my demons or beasts swimming along!). Or I'll use my hoverboard (I love that thing!) and fly low, at street level, sticking to streets until I get there. After I get all the badges and plaques in a zone, I use Reveal to clear the fog of war; this let's me know immediately upon zoning that I have "done" that zone. Talos is my favorite zone for some reason that's not entirely clear to me, so if there's a dayjob available there, that's where I always go.
  14. Friendly gardening reminder: our all plant troll (and dom) leveling team meets Thursdays--tonight in Steel Park--at 9 p.m. EST on Excelsior. We're currently lvl 13, but all plant trolls (and doms!) of any level are welcome to join us. We're going to be doing content starting with Dr. Trevor Seaborn's mission arc, or if we have enough planters show up who are at least level 8, we may run the Posi TFs. Either way, we will be having a blast as only an all plant troll / dom team can! You can join us for one night or many by sending a tell to our Parks and Wreck sg leader @GreenAxor to me @Tahliah ; by joining our Parks and Wreck chat channel and shouting out to let us know you're there; or by just showing up in Steel Canyon and sending a tell to any plant troll / dom you see hanging out. It's super easy, and you'll have an amazing time!
  15. Ha! I just show up for other people's cc's when they are scheduled to start, from there, it's fast. It's the advertising and the reminders and getting their early that makes it seem like they last longer, I think. Obviously, once we set the day, you'll be doing the advertising and reminders and stuff, and I'll log in early to help, too, and to be there for when people show up to enter, and etc. The judges, if they can, might want to get there a little early, too, to check out the entries, etc. You can do the MC thing since you are running the show . . . and you are so much more extroverted than we are (meaning Ax and myself). :)
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