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  1. Accepted your global request @Vulpoid^_^ I did speak to @Krzbrg1online the other day and we teamed for a bit, he did mention he had started building a base so i think it may be in progress, personally I dont mind any ATs or theme 🙂 I will probably be online this evening (eu time) so we could try forming mish/SF team if you are around ^_^
  2. I would love to run some Strike Forces on Excelsior, would be happy to form and lead too! Problem is I have never done any of them, some folks get upset when the lead does not know the tasks inside out, I'll probably try forming some soon anyway and see what happens ^_^
  3. First post! 👋 @Krzbrg1 I would be keen for redside SG ^_^ I am in the UK so online on EU evenings, Just been running a crab solo on redside (Excelsior) doing contact arcs, lvl40 at the moment, name is Cortex Spider, hit me up! Or add my global which is Dagless
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