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  1. Using a tailor to change parts of costumes while in a "Strike Force" (In my case, during an AE mission) causes costume changes have a roughly 30% to 40% chance of actually working, and a 60-70% chance of just taking your INF and not actually doing anything. Relogging will SOMETIMES give you back some of the INF spent, SOMETIMES cause the costume changes to occur, and SOMETIMES will just leave you with no changes to the costume and no refunded INF (Occurs regardless of SG Mode flag). Using any tailor when not in a Strike Force works as intended. Using a tailor OTHER than the one in the Pocket D VIP lounge while in a strike force (such as an AE mission chain team) causes them to fail to deal with you, giving a message about you seemingly having more important things to do. This makes me think that this is the intended behavior across the board, and the bug comes from using the tailor at an inopportune time they weren't coded to be able to handle. (Note: I had to just put the link to this post in the actual in-game bug ticket, because of text limits.)
  2. This is a request for a popmenu that can be assigned to a keybind or macro, for the following functions +Ability to pass non-petsay commands (Stances/Actions/Dismiss) to current targeted pet. +Ability to pass non-petsay commands (Stances/Actions/Dismiss) to all of specific power's pets. +Tiered menu system with full keybind support as part of popmenu (using number keys 1-4, and the Q/W/E/R keys too if necessary - This is for quick command selection and input) +Is made for one specific Mastermind primary powerset (Command by power), OR for one specific rank of Incarnate Lore power (command by power at same tier) at a time. +Includes (as first release) example version that makes it easy to alter the popmenu to fit the appropriate Primary Powerset or Incarnate Lore rank. +Included data on setting the popmenu to open with a macro, image-macro or keybind, pointing out where to find the popmenu's internal name, as well as the appropriate command and syntax (I know how to to do this, but some people using the popmenu may not offhand).
  3. Adding a file via the "Browse for mod to install" option caused all uninstalled local mods to become "System.Data.DataRowView". CLicking on these causes an unhandled exception, and they cannot be removed. I do not think the mod in question was set up to be installed via this tool, but if there isn't some special process to do that then this is a general bug. Otherwise, I need to figure out a way to remove the files, settings, or data causing this error
  4. The error above is back. (Edit) Same circumstances as Lithobreaker. Image:
  5. Solved issue for self. Steps: I deleted and reinstalled the game, then set the executables through both nvidia control panel and windows own graphics settings to use the correct GPU, the Nvidia RTX 2070. (important step if using optimus on a laptop). Following this I went into regedit, navigating to HKEY Current User, then Software, and deleting the entire Cryptic entry. Relaunching the game, I hit cancel instead of Ultra or Regular, then opened the graphics settings within CoH and confirmed the problem fixed.
  6. I recently reinstalled windows and found that my Nvidia RTX 2070 is unable to be recognized as good enough to run city of heroes with the shaders and other customization on. I am wondering if there is anything that can be done about this? I am currently redownloading the game after deleting the whole thing and will post a screenshot as soon as able showing the problem in more detail.
  7. Just an Addendum of useful information from me: If you're using a Nvidia GPU made in the last 4+ years on a laptop (EVEN A LAPTOP VERSION OF THE RTX MODELS), you owe it to yourself to look in the control panel and tweak stuff, both for games in general and for City of Heroes specifically. All laptops: Power Settings - Nvidia Controlled. This is absolutely essential for reducing heat and power consumption while increasing framerate. I don't know how it works, but it's made my game more stable, less worrysome to multitask with, and allowed it to produce less heat, all while cranking up graphics a bit more. I recommend setting this universally, as almost all games use an API it works with. Presumably it reduces visual quality of stuff that the player isn't likely to notice as much, intelligently. (Source: Here ) Anything in the 1070/1080 or 2070/2080 models: 16x Anisotropic Filtering forced int he GPU control panel. A few Anisotropy tweaks at High Performance/Performance/Quality to slightly reduce overhead on texture filtering. If you're using newer drivers, a 30 or 60 FPS framerate cap depending on what you can handle at current settings (Further reduces GPU use and thus heat, which improves stability and prevents performance degradation), and if your drivers are especially recent, there's a built in full screen sharpening option that works on all OpenGL, Vulkan, or DirectX renderers for improved visual quality (I recommend 50% screen sharpening with 100% "Ignore film grain" to soften it a bit, and FXAA enabled to further soften the image so that the added detail looks like it was always in the game). Debatable but probably harmless: Most games released before Unreal Engine 3 that use OpenGL supposedly benefit in terms of microstutter reduction from turning "threaded optimization" to "off". Results online have been mixed, but in my observation it makes little to no difference but also causes no harm and no visual glitches to speak of. This is a surface level setting in the control panel so I'd wager its harmless to have it set wrong anyway. Additionally, because I discovered that City of Heroes was shut down before CUDA processing became commonplace (and in fact, used a pre-CUDA PhysX setup that required a specific type of card from Agaia to hardware accelerate physics processing) I recommend disabling CUDA processing entirely in City of Heroes profile. Similar tricks for AMD cards may exist, but might also require special tools (My understanding is that they don't have game specific profiles in AMD's control panel yet) As a note, my current laptop has a Nvidia RTX 2070, an intel core i7 8th Gen, 16 gigs of RAM (Upgradable to 32 or 64? Can't remember which of those it was), and a 500 GB solid state drive. I run the game off of a 2 TB USB 3.0 connected HDD, with no issue except that game music sometimes stalls independant of framerate for a bit (A problem unique to this game when running from that drive!).
  8. Needed info: Manufacturer: Nvidia / Intel (Nvidia Optimus) Model: Geforce RTX 2070 / UHD Graphics 630 Operating System and version: Windows 10 x64, home edition Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes, perfectly. Optional info you like: Driver Version: Official Nvidia 441.66 / Official Intel Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 Multi-monitor?: No Graphics Preset Used: Ultra Plus (Ultra modified as follows: experimental Cel Shading enable with max transp qaunt, no posterization, thick lines, cel lighting. bloom off, all settings cranked up where possible except particle physics set to none and character render distance set to 100%, driver level image filtering at 100%/ignore 100% film grain and forced 16X AF) Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Perfect experience, very little heat generation. Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): Had to disable bloom when using thick cel shading lines to reduce black flickers on screen. Forced Vsync on and to use triple buffering at the driver level. Had to manually set the game to use the Nvidia GPU, AND set preferred opengl GPU to nvidia.
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