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  1. H a c h i. Beam Rifle/Ninja Training Blaster. Designation// H a c h i Classification// Cybernetically-enhanced Assassin Subject Details// File indicates subject to be a Warrior-Bunny of the Formal Clan. Subject suffered extensive injury to muscular tissue in facial region and irreparable damage to the skeletal integrity of both arms and lower body. Cause: Unknown. Subject retrieved by Dr. Masada and repurposed for Operation Cinder. Skills// Assassination. Infiltration. Espionage. I can't speak for the viability of NT on a blaster; I have frankly never given it much consider
  2. Looking good, my Bluorange Sentinel brother!👌
  3. I have been wanting to do a kind of orange/blue themed character for awhile, but I couldn't decide on what type they should be. I think I found a good idea in this guy. JJ Watts. Electric/Electric Sentinel
  4. He is a lover of history, so he will always be Constantinople haha.
  5. Constantinople. Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation Blaster.
  6. Inspired by a similar character idea, I decided to put my own spin on it. Introducing... Prince of Spades. Darkness/Darkness Controller.
  7. It seems all you get is a different leveling experience up to 20, and access to Praetoria? Is there any other reason for making one? The few times I've tried, the starting zones are just dead. It's just solo play up to 20, which isn't that fun. I've never made it past 10, so I was wondering if I'm right to just stick to hero or villain?
  8. Latest creation: Discord of Eris. Mind Control/Psionic Dominator.
  9. As a lover of Classical Antiquity and the history of Greece, I always try to create someone from that era in games, if I can. CoH has the creativity to do that, thankfully. I had trouble previously creating this type of look, but I'm not sure why haha. I created this guy the other day and I think it came out really well. It's not a super creative and flashy hero like others on the forum, but I'm really happy with it. If only Homecoming added spears and proper hoplon shields. 😭 Best part of this look is the fact that Alcibiades can change gear when he flees to Sparta. 👌
  10. Newest Addition! Inspired by a recent playthrough of Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Spirit of Carnán. Beast Mastery/Nature Affinity Mastermind
  11. 1: Archmage Khalidor. Illusion/Time Controller 2: Prophetess of Athena. Gravity/ Psionic Dominator 3. Heartcraft. Empathy/Sonic Defender 4: Old Saint Nicholas. Super Strength/Invulnerability Brute 5: Sentinel of The East. Archery/Super Reflexes Sentinel 6: Nicholas Rage. Street Justice/Fiery Aura Scrapper
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